Jun 202011

So who are PRIMAL? They’re a bad ass team of technology enabled gunslingers waging a war against evil bastards across the globe. The key to PRIMAL is their complete lack of fear. No target is too big, too untouchable or too powerful for PRIMAL. They’re a gunned up, geared up, completely ruthless version of the A-Team. Less the complete lack of realism. These guys have no master and are not about to shirk a good old fashioned interrogation session to protect the innocent.

Burn a village, pollute a rainforest, spread fear and pain. These are all good ways to get the attention of a team of operatives that make the Israeli Mossad look like pizza delivery boys.

So how the hell did PRIMAL come into existence? The first novelette, PRIMAL Origin, gives you a heads up on how the team came together. The concept however was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan where I had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s finest Special Forces. UK SBS, US Green Berets, SEALs, Delta as well as Canadian JTF2 and Australian SAS and Commandos. Immersed in a world of targeting Taliban Commanders and other High Value Targets I constantly found myself imagining what these guys could achieve without the caveats of Government control. If they could wage unconstrained warfare against the world’s worst. So as I interacted with these amazing warriors I started to build a concept, a concept that would evolve into PRIMAL.

I won’t lie, I’m just like every other guy on the planet. I love action movies, first person shooters, fast cars, technology, guns, cool kit and of course beautiful women. I grew up with Dirk Pitt, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, Doom, Wolfenstein, Commando Comics, James Bond, Rambo, The Predator and more. As a young man I have embraced Counter Strike, Half-life, The Bourne Series, Top Gear, Call of Duty the list goes on and on. Coupled with my military experience this seething mass of adrenalin-fueled testosterone has evolved into PRIMAL.

This Blog is an opportunity for me to interact with everyone who is interested in all things PRIMAL. I’m going to update on PRIMAL books, short films and other concepts on a regular basis. I’m also going to comment on cool technology, fast cars, guns and other military hardware. I’ll put a Jack Silkstone/PRIMAL bent on world events and give insight onto how a technology enabled, independent, Special Ops team might handle some of the world’s problems. But most importantly I’m going to interact with PRIMAL supporters all over the world. I’m going to give away some free stuff and invite you to be a part of creating more PRIMAL missions.

Roll out the Target Packs, it’s time to deal some justice PRIMAL style.

Jack Silkstone


  12 Responses to “Jack Silkstone has a PRIMAL blog!”


    • Great to hear Robert! I’m working hard on Vengeance and it is coming along nicely…
      Hey if you get a chance to put a few words on the Amazon page for PRIMAL Unleashed under reviews it would be really appreciated.

    • Working on it at the moment. Chapter 10 complete only 20 odd to go.

  2. Jack,

    Just read your three books, all within 1 week! They were that good… I could not put them down.. I really enjoyed them and I am looking forward to the next one… I think you need to write faster.. 🙂

    • Awesome Patrick, thanks for taking the time to track down my blog. It would be great if you could throw reviews up on Amazon.

  3. Just finished the first two books, loved em, out to download the third on Amazon, guess my night is sorted! Keep em coming!

  4. Just finished PRIMAL Vengence. literally blew through all three books in two days. Excellent reads and kept the excitement going till the very end. I love the cast of characters that you’ve created. Looking forward to reading the next book from you Jack. Good work,

  5. If Brad Thor and Vince Flynn had an abomination of nature with their characters Scott Harvath and Mitch Rapp it would be named “PRIMAL.” FAN-F*******-TASTIC

    I’ll toss some words on Amazon. Great work.

    PRIMAL Selection: Now with more clackers!

  6. Read all 3 Primal storiesmon my Kindle. Terrific reads. Silkstone is this era’s Clancy. Can’t wait for the next iPrimal adventure.
    Spreading the word on this great series.

  7. when is next Primal adventure being released? Can’t wait.

    • Hoping to get PRIMAL Fury down range in early 2013.
      Have also started planning for my next novella PRIMAL Mirza.


  8. Hi Jack,

    Just finished all three of your books. I found them on my kindle store from reading another author. I truly enjoyed them and love to think there really are people out there like Primal to take care of all the evil dirtbags out there. Cant wait for Primal Fury and Mirza to come out. Keep on writing the Primal series because they are winners.

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