Jul 292011


Jack Murphy’s book Reflexive Fire caught my attention immediately. Author with a SOF background, check. Rogue operatives with a solid set of morals, check. He even has the same first name as me, legend. I had to give it a read and I sure as shit wasn’t disappointed.

It was no surprise that the action is intense and authentic. Those with a military background will really appreciate some of the finer details, although SEALs and the French may disagree with their lot…. Even if the extent of your military experience is Modern Warfare games on the Playstation Network, you’ll get a kick out of the off-the-charts actions scenes. I’m talking about short notice battalion-level assaults on complex cave systems, cruise-liners and secret government ‘black sites’.

Sounds like something out of Modern Warfare 3? My thoughts exactly. So if you haven’t read it yet, and fast-paced military fiction is your thing, you should check out Reflexive Fire.

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Jul 282011

Unfortunately PRIMAL is a fictional organisation. Sorry, I know a lot of you are very disappointed to hear this. I for one would sign up at the drop of a hat if such a team existed. I mean what would be more rewarding than dealing out a bit of justice to all the evil bastards in the world that are getting away with evil deeds. Murderers, criminals, despots, rapists, exploiters, corrupt politicians. The list of targets is endless, plenty more PRIMAL stories to come, it seems that the world is full of evil. In my personal opinion the world really does need PRIMAL and the values it stands for.

But whilst we lament the absence of PRIMAL it is important to know that there are vigilante type organisations out in the world fighting with PRIMAL-esque purpose and altruist motives. No they are not equipped with state of the art technology, ruthless operatives and more guns than Texas. But yes they are trying to make a difference for those that can’t fight for themselves. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Sea Shepherd. Here are a team of motivated individuals trying to stop the ruthless pillaging of the ocean by greedy corporations and governments. Yes, the guy at the helm of the organisation is a bit of a self-indulgent dick, but he does have good motives at heart and his people do great work. My sources tell me that they even have a number of former SF guys working for them that have planned and executed military style attacks against whaling ships. Yeah they might be a bit hippy and a little bit haphazard but they do embody the PRIMAL ethos.

The Grey Man. Whilst not technically a vigilante organisation, as The Grey Man operates within the law, this group has a vigilante mentality, assisting where local authorities are not resourced or motivated to do enough. Their name describes how they operate. In the military, ‘grey men’ are those soldiers and officers who keep their head below the radar. Usually this is in training institutions were they remain out of the view of instructors. In the case of this organisation, being grey is all about conducting covert recon. Grey Man operatives penetrate prostitution rings in Asia to find children being exploited for sex. They pose as pedophiles and put their lives in danger to remove children from a terrible environment. The Grey Man was started by a former military operative, no doubt a man who would love to be able to bring the fictional resources of PRIMAL to bear against the scum that traffic in the lives of children. These guys are organised, motivated and highly professional, however they are under-resourced and need funding.

These are just two organisations that are out there doing some good in the world. They’re not just bringing issues to the attention of the world, they’re taking action! That’s really what PRIMAL is all about. Bringing justice to the world through action – all be it military style action. And whilst PRIMAL is fictional, these guys aren’t and as PRIMAL gains traction as a brand and becomes financially viable it is my intent to support those willing to take action. So get across to Amazon and check out my first book PRIMAL Origin.

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Jul 232011

If you’re a gamer and you haven’t been living under a rock you’re probably aware of the biggest showdown in the history of entertainment products. The upcoming release of the world’s two most advanced first person shooters, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Girlfriends and wives should be preparing for at least three months, starting in October, of their significant others being permanently glued to their consols and PCs.

I love first person shooters, I own a PS3 for the sole purpose of kicking back and relaxing whilst spotty faced nerds all over the world splatter my virtual blood all over my favourite maps. I won’t lie, I’m not a Battlefield fan. My loyalties lay firmly in the Modern Warfare camp. However, in saying that I am impressed with what I’ve seen of BF3.

This trailer shows an armoured battle run from the actual game play in BF3. When I first saw it, it literally blew my socks off. Visually it is amazing, you can almost taste the dust and feel the uncomfortable crew headset biting into your skull. The DICE team have researched this down to the most finite detail. Shit I flinched when a T72 started throwing 125mm HEAT down range. Even the TI imagery from the Predator UAV is spot on. This is a game I will definitely be purchasing and playing for hours, much to my girlfriend’s disgust.

Not to be outdone, the boys from Infinity Ward released this trailer. Whilst it’s more like a Hollywood blockbuster, lighter on realism and heavy on action and storyline, it still looks very very cool. I don’t think MW fans are going to be disappointed in any way.

Where these two games will go head to head is in the online multiplayer world. This is where computer games have left Hollywood films for dead. I mean who watches Avatar more than once? Not me that’s for sure. But gamers log on every day to rack up kills with their noob tubes – fuckers. MW3 has a huge advantage in this area as it already has a massive following and has already released their CoD Elite platform. However, BF3 has the potential to grab some of this, if this unofficial multiplayer trailer is anything to go by. Of course the MW online play is pretty epic, and this trailer shows MW3 is going to be more of the same.

The big question is when PRIMAL is going to make it into the world of First Person Shooters? I mean how many epic missions would the game have. Taking down corrupt bankers, ruthless dictators, polluting corporations. No one would be safe. Well it’s definitely on the cards its just a question of how long till the big gaming studios get interested – humble much.

In the meantime get into MW3 and BF3 in Oct/Nov this year.

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Jul 152011

After a long hard slog the first PRIMAL story is finally available as an eBook on Amazon and Smashwords.

Acclaimed action thriller writer Matthew Reilly (ICE STATION) has read it and had this to say.

“If you like Tom Clancy, you’ll like PRIMAL. It bristles with authenticity because the guy who wrote it used to do it for real.”

I really enjoyed writing this short story; it’s fast paced, full of action and tells the story of how PRIMAL came to be. What’s more it’s free, or at least as cheap as we could make it in places like Amazon.

So what’s on the cards for Jack Silkstone and the PRIMAL Creative team now? We’re working on the first PRIMAL YouTube video. It is set to be released in the next month. Look out for it on our channel and on Facebook. Fans of FreddieW and Corridor Digital are going to love it.

In addition our first full-length novel PRIMAL Unleashed is scheduled for release in November 2011.

Till I next blog,

Jack Silkstone



Jul 072011

So in all seriousness WTF is going on in Libya? Is the Western world serious about removing Gaddafi from power or are they going to continue to sit on the fence until one side kills the other? If that’s the case then I think we’re in for some sore butts.

The French recently admitted to supplying weapons to the rebels. A bold move but also one that might come back to haunt them. I mean who are these guys? And what’s to say they won’t sell these arms to some other fanatical group later on? More to the point, if the whole aim of your operation is to protect civilians then why the hell would you give them guns? I’ve seen video of these guys trying to attack Gaddafi’s troops and the professional soldier in me cringed. They’re more dangerous to themselves than anyone else.

In my humble opinion, as an author and a keen follower of world events, this whole thing looks like a total shit fight caused by a complete lack of will power, on behalf of world leaders, to make a decision and follow it through. I mean seriously, if you want to stop civilians getting killed then pick a side and back them to the hilt. This fence sitting crap is just delaying the conflict, spreading turmoil and getting more and more people killed.

It’s not just soldier’s bullets that kill civilians in conflict. The destruction of vital infrastructure denies them the services they need to live. Services such as clean water, electricity, medical support and waste disposal. Prolonging a conflict is prolonging pain, suffering and unnecessary loss of life.

So what’s the solution? Arm the rebels, assassinate Gaddafi, send in troops, bomb Tripoli into submission, blockade Gaddafi loyalists, or a combination of the above? One thing is for sure; harsh words are not going to achieve much. No, if the West is serious about saving lives the time for action is now! Send in a well equipped, flexible force that understands unconventional warfare. Hang on, haven’t most nations learnt lessons from Afghan and Iraq?

Maybe it’s time for NATO to step up and step out on its own. I’m sure a NATO heavy Brigade could easily sweep into Tripoli and remove Gaddafi.

I mean we can’t count on a fictitious team like PRIMAL to roll into Tripoli and blackmail Gaddafi into abdicating, can we?

Just some of my thoughts,

J Silkstone