Jul 292011


Jack Murphy’s book Reflexive Fire caught my attention immediately. Author with a SOF background, check. Rogue operatives with a solid set of morals, check. He even has the same first name as me, legend. I had to give it a read and I sure as shit wasn’t disappointed.

It was no surprise that the action is intense and authentic. Those with a military background will really appreciate some of the finer details, although SEALs and the French may disagree with their lot…. Even if the extent of your military experience is Modern Warfare games on the Playstation Network, you’ll get a kick out of the off-the-charts actions scenes. I’m talking about short notice battalion-level assaults on complex cave systems, cruise-liners and secret government ‘black sites’.

Sounds like something out of Modern Warfare 3? My thoughts exactly. So if you haven’t read it yet, and fast-paced military fiction is your thing, you should check out Reflexive Fire.

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