Jul 152011

After a long hard slog the first PRIMAL story is finally available as an eBook on Amazon and Smashwords.

Acclaimed action thriller writer Matthew Reilly (ICE STATION) has read it and had this to say.

“If you like Tom Clancy, you’ll like PRIMAL. It bristles with authenticity because the guy who wrote it used to do it for real.”

I really enjoyed writing this short story; it’s fast paced, full of action and tells the story of how PRIMAL came to be. What’s more it’s free, or at least as cheap as we could make it in places like Amazon.

So what’s on the cards for Jack Silkstone and the PRIMAL Creative team now? We’re working on the first PRIMAL YouTube video. It is set to be released in the next month. Look out for it on our channel and on Facebook. Fans of FreddieW and Corridor Digital are going to love it.

In addition our first full-length novel PRIMAL Unleashed is scheduled for release in November 2011.

Till I next blog,

Jack Silkstone



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