Oct 182011

Seriously what is the counter-terrorism world coming to? In the past few weeks I have seen two incidents of political f#cktardism that puts lives at risk.  Number one, two British citizens are caught red handed in Afghanistan planning to return to Britain and commit acts of terrorism. What does the British Government decide to do? Theresa May, the Home Secretary decides that the safest option is to set them free in Afghanistan because legally they can’t extradite them to London without handing them over to the Afghans, who will torture them. Number two, over in Israel, 1027 prisoners are exchanged for one Israeli soldier. 315 of those prisoners were serving life sentences for some of the most bloody acts of terrorism ever committed in Israel. WOW! That’s not going to encourage the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers. It’s like a 1000 for one deal at WALMART, extremists are gonna be queuing up  like Apple fans at an iPad 3 launch.

No shit the Western world seems to be running some sort of twisted terrorist catch and release program. Organizations like MI6 and Mossad are working their arses off to catch these guys, and Special Ops guys, like the SAS team that captured the two Brits, are putting their lives on the line – and all for what? So some limp wristed politician – scared of lawyers and more concerned about the democratic popularity contest than actually leading a nation – can throw it all away and release the bastards.

I’ve got news for you guys! This isn’t not going to look good when shopping centres start exploding and the body bags start piling up. Oh and don’t think that the hard working CT guys aren’t going to turn around and link this back to your flaccid decisions. But that won’t matter will it! Innocent lives will be lost but rest assured these fat cat decision makers won’t be held accountable – nope it will be another intelligence failure.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the Brits want due legal process, that’s what separates us from the radical extremist rabble right? However the simple truth is they’re making the situation worse. I can guarantee that the next British terrorists the SAS catch overseas won’t be captured alive. Mossad and Shin Bet are hardly going to bag guys so politicians can release them. Kill/Capture will become KILL/capture with an extra emphasis on extra-judicial killing. I’ve seen this happen before, the judicial system fails and suddenly the operators get a little more liberal in the application of Rules Of Engagement. Can you fault them? No, they’re not going to put their lives on the line so weak gutted politicians can release scum bags at the drop of a hat.

The big question is what would PRIMAL do? For sure they’d clean up the mess – I mean their whole self-imposed mandate is to step in where governments fail. Fail to act, fail to care and fail in their responsibility to the weak and innocent. Without having to adhere to political legislation and international law, PRIMAL has no limits. So two British terrorists would be found face down in the dirt with 338 size holes in their heads. Maybe even a USB drive in a pocket with all the details of their intended terrorist campaign. 300 convicted terrorists might even be freed, but they’re probably going to be GPS chipped and wearing I love the CIA T-shirts. Hell if you’re going to release them, you may as well use the opportunity to track the entire organisation and sow some doubts amongst the ranks.

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Oct 162011

If there is one guy in the world that I wish I could bludgeon to death with a pick handle it’s Joseph Kony. Now I’m not normally a violent guy, in fact I pride myself in being level headed and calculating, but this bastard makes my blood boil. Head of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), he is single handedly responsible for the rape, murder, disfigurement and enslavement of thousands of innocent Central African women, children and men.

You can imagine my joy when the US recently announced they were dispatching 100 combat troops to help target Kony. Wired magazine cracked out a cool little write-up here. They hit all the key issues including the two failed attempts on Kony in the past.

US and UN backed attempts have not had any success in targeting the elusive head of the Lord’s Resistance Army. An attack in 2006 by a squad of Guatemalan operatives – trained and armed by the US – resulted in utter failure. All eight soldiers were killed and their commander beheaded. Another attempt in 2009 by UN supported African SOF also resulted in dismal failure. The LRA was pre-warned and simply melted into the jungle killing hundreds of locals as they did so.

As I dug further into Kony’s background I started to question Obama’s commitment to K/C (Kill or Capture) this guy. I mean why would you announce it to the world? Why wouldn’t you gear up AFRICOM and announce your success when you banged in on his grass hut and delivered him to the UN.

Kony is by no means an easy target. Intelligence assets have been useless in trying to locate him. He’s sneakier than a Balinese monkey on a banana stealing bender. Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) have so far failed to track him down. Surrounded by his loyal followers, who believe he is God, he’s almost impossible to find. Even the media has had only limited access to him; check out this rare interview shot in 2006.

I think the US announcement is just another smoke and mirrors campaign designed to appease the UN and domestic voters. If Obama was serious about bringing Kony to justice then why warn him? Why not develop intelligence sources quietly, build pattern of life and then send in the Delta boys to bag and tag him. If you can fly into the heart of Pakistan to grab the world’s most elusive target then this should be a piece of cake.

If Obama is serious, maybe he should consider using a Private Military Contractor (PMC). They did a pretty good job in Sierra Leone. Perhaps a team of South African mercs could do it partnered with Ugandan Special Forces. Or maybe PRIMAL could use their more subtle techniques to bring the bastard to justice. Either way the world would be a better place without Joseph Kony, a man who may or may not be number one on the PRIMAL target list.

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Oct 162011

Let’s face it the world’s a pretty f#$ked up place at the moment. We’ve got extremist elements trying to kill and rape their way into power, corrupt bankers sending the little man bust and criminals getting away with murder, people smuggling, drug trafficking and more. It’s a world crying out for someone with the balls to hold evil bastards to account. Enter PRIMAL!

For those of you who have been following world events, we live in pretty interesting times. Gaddafi’s armories have been looted by the same extremists who were fighting Coalition forces in Iraq only a few years ago. MANPADS (man portable air defense systems) are the big ticket item for these guys. How long before one of these ‘rebels’ takes a shot at an airliner with an Igla-S missile?

Across the other side of the Middle East, in Iran, equally radical Muslims of the Shia variety are conducting a systematic campaign to develop nuclear weapons. The efforts of Israel and the US read like something out of an espionage thriller: cyberwarfare using secret agents to install the STUXNET virus, assassins bombing Iranian scientists, and the US Air Force pouring money into researching deep-penetrating munitions that can neutralize Iranian bunkers. However if the international community’s utter failure to prevent a country that harbors arguably the highest number of Islamic Extremists per capita from getting the A-Bomb is anything to go by (Pakistan), Iran’s acquisition of this technology is inevitable.

This is the world PRIMAL steps into with the release of my new novel PRIMAL Unleashed. Unleashed picks up from PRIMAL Origin, and follows Vance and the team as they establish PRIMAL. New agents are recruited and pitted against Ukrainian gangsters, Taliban warlords and Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders.

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Oct 112011

Italian soldier

I get that the world is a changing place. I’m not some sort of chauvinistic luddite with his head buried in the sand. In fact I am a huge supporter of equality and freedom. However, something bothers me about putting women in combat units. Australia recently announced that it was going to follow the lead of Canada and Israel and allow women in all functions of the military. The US Army is now being pressured to follow suit. Yeah, it would be a big win for women’s rights but how do operators feel about it this?

First things first, the front line I’m talking about is not just going outside the wire. It’s not flying a helicopter or driving a truck in a convoy or even a tank. I’m talking about door kicking CQB style shoot terrorists in the face front line. The sort of close combat that Marines, infantrymen, SEALs, Commandos, Rangers, and the like take part in on a daily basis in a number of conflicts around the globe. In my humble opinion, in this type of warfare there is no place for a women, no matter how fit or capable she is.

Many argue that if women can meet the grade then why can’t they join the units that engage in close combat? Physical attributes aside this comes down to basic human nature. In the world that I value and fight for women and children are classed as innocents. Unlike many other societies we treat our women with dignity and respect. Yes, we treat them as equals but we also protect them from harm. It’s in our nature – I mean without them our way of life ceases to exist. Now tell me that hundreds, no, thousands of years of thinking this way can be changed with the drop of a hat. It can’t, men will always try to protect women. As long as they carry our offspring it will be second nature to us. In close combat a team cannot focus on anything other than killing the enemy. If they are concerned with protecting one of their own they go from being an efficient killing capability to a Close Personnel Protection team. CPP teams don’t survive in combat; they die to get the principal out.

Do you really want to see her hurt?

I’m not saying that women are not as capable as men. Nor am I saying that they don’t make fine soldiers or officers. What I am saying is that when it comes to closing with the enemy and fighting the close battle I want a man alongside me and not a woman.

Women definitely have a part to play in the Special Operations world. They can gain access to aspects of a community that males otherwise couldn’t. They add an element of cover to a team that two burly bearded dudes clad in cargo pants could never achieve. Hell there is an awesome female operative in my book PRIMAL Unleashed. But are they an asset at the front of a stack banging in on a DA against an enemy held compound? No they’re not.

No doubt this post is going to elicit some hostile feelings from some of my readers. I mean how dare I degrade woman by suggesting they can’t do something. To these people I say this. Blow me, it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Hey there’s a comments box below if you want to engage in some good old-fashioned intellectual discussion around this matter.

So are you scoping me out?

Female sniper with 'Dorothy' .50cal rifle as featured in PRIMAL Unleashed!

Oct 082011

Anwar al-Awlaki

The drone strike against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Operations Chief al-Awlaki on 30 September stirred up some serious controversy in both the media and social networks! For the tree-huggers out there, targeted killings by the CIA are contentious at the best of times, although not that many people had a problem when they slotted Bin Laden.  However, on this occasion they wacked someone born in the good old  US of A! Now, I’m not sure if Awlaki technically still held US citizenship but for me that’s neither here nor there.

This guy had publicly declared war on the US. At a time of war he has committed treason – read my post here on why the GWOT has to be a war.  More to the point he has played a key role in orchestrating a number of terrorist attacks. Most recently he played a part in the mailing of bombs to synagogues in New York and the underwear bomb on the NorthWest airlines flight to Detroit. He’s also been linked to the famed anus bombing of 2009. In addition to planning attacks Awlaki also published Inspire magazine, a publication designed to encourage terrorism worldwide. Publishing a magazine sounds innocent enough, that is until you read it. Within its pages it provides instructions on how to build bombs and aims to inspire extremists to plan attacks. This bastard was linked to attempted attacks that include the foiled attack against Fort Hood by US Army Private Abdo. Even if al-Awlaki was in fact a US citizen, if you ask me he gave up his rights as a citizen as soon as he declared war against the America people. As I’ve said before, “If you wear the hat, you wear the Hellfire!”


Predator firing Hellfire

STRATFOR does a good summary of the situation here. You can read al-Awlaki’s ‘Inspire’ magazine here.

A justified killing? I’ve given my opinion, what’s yours?


Oct 062011

Turkish media recently released the names of 174 Israeli operatives, gathered from the internet, claiming they were involved in the infamous Mavi Marmara Flotilla Raid. Politics aside this is pretty messed up from an operator viewpoint.

If you don’t recall the actual incident here’s a bit of a summary.

A gang of hardcore extremists board a vessel bound for Gaza armed with a variety of weapons including knives, slingshots and iron pipes. These guys knew they would be boarded by Israeli Special Forces as they neared the exclusion zone. The Israelis check all ships heading into the region in an attempt to stop weapon smuggling.

Israeli Shayetet 13 operatives board the vessel and it all turned cactus! Note that these guys had already boarded a number of other vessels in the flotilla and experienced minimal resistance. They were under strict orders not to use lethal force and some of them were actually armed with paintball guns. Imagine their surprise when they Fast Roped on to the deck and got the crap beaten out of them by a pack of armed thugs. Can any one fault them for drawing Glocks and pumping some 9mm down range? Yep, not only was this a total intel failure it was also a tactical shit fight. Fast Roping only delivers operators onto a target one or two at a time, not great for confronting an armed mob. You can see the cluster on the video here.

This poor bastard got thrown off the top deck and badly injured.

Mavi Marmara activists prepare to attack IDF soldiers

Anyway, back to the real point I’m trying to make.  The Turkish media decided to reveal the identities of some of the Israeli soldiers they claimed were involved in the incident. Whilst I’m not intimately familiar with the names it’s pretty clear that the guys they names are not Shayetet 13. Nope they just pulled a whole bunch of Israeli soldiers names and photos from internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

So is this is a bad thing? Hell yeah it is. Retaliation attacks against soldiers based on information derived from the internet happens all the time. In fact this problem pre dates the internet and goes back to the 70’s when the IRA started targeting off duty soldiers based on pictures from the media. That was the origin of the blacked out eyes, a process that continues today. Even though the Turkish media is clearly way off the mark with the names it doesn’t really matter. Your average extremist isn’t going to give a shit. Nope, they now have a target list and anyone on it that they kill is a great success for them.

The Israelis are usually switched on when it comes to personal security (PERSEC), which is one reason why you always see them wearing balaclavas – but they have had their fair share of security breaches over the internet. Not only that but they can’t stop their soldiers posting pictures all over the web. So I guess I’m just saying that this Turkish media debacle is a timely reminder f0r all soldiers to be careful of their personal details on the internet – you never know who’s going to try to exploit it.

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Shayetet 13 Operatives