Mar 082012

OK so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Invisible Children, a non-profit organisation, is running a campaign to bring Josephy Kony into the world’s limelight and, hopefully, to justice. Check out the website and video here.

The guys behind Kony 2012...


The video is long and kind of rambles but the crux of it is this. White guy meets Ugandan refugee  kids, is moved by their story and pledges to help bring the injustice in Uganda to an end. To achieve this he attempts to raise international awareness of how much of a asshole Joseph Kony is. The aim, to force US decision makers to up the ante and bring a power hungry murderer, rapist and despot to justice. A worthy cause, an interesting idea and a slim chance that it will amount to anything.

I’ve blogged about Kony before (check it our here) and as I’ve previously said the bastard makes my blood boil. I’m not about to sign up to a ‘capture’ order on this shit head. I’m voting for a big K little c. This guy needs to have a hellfire banged firmly up his arse.

So whilst these guys wage their campaign of ‘awareness’ who’s actually doing something about Kony? Well AFRICOM is trying, this article details some of the key problems facing the Task Force set up to target the LRA. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. I’ve had a bit of experience in finding evil bastards in the middle of shitsville and trust me when I say, if the right assets are brought to the party it takes weeks, not months to find them.

The way forward to get Kony? Put a sizable bounty on his head and unleash the private military contractors. Invisible Children have received millions in donations so far – if they put this money towards a price on Kony’s head instead of their own expenses, then we might see results. A modern PMC, enabled with with all-source ISR and rotary wing assets, would tear Kony’s militias apart – if his lieutenants didn’t sell him out first. A 20 million dollar price tag should bring an end to his little regime pretty damn quickly. Hell, maybe if I sell enough PRIMAL books one day I’ll put up the money myself!

Jack Silkstone

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