Nov 242012

I’ve come to the realization that owning pants or shorts with heaps of pockets is no longer cool! Why? Because it’s turned me into a walking talking hand bag. Without knowing how it happened I’ve become a place for my girlfriend to keep her purse, phone, lip balm and a range of other crap that she ‘allegedly’ can’t do without.

Cargos or skinny jeans?

When you’re in the military you need all those pockets. You need somewhere to put a map, a compass, a notebook, a spare mag, a flashlight, a roll of tape, a multi tool, a combat tourniquet or even a packet of beef jerky and an energy drink. The pockets are endlessly useful and so is the stuff you carry. That ends when you’re back on the street.

A wallet, keys and a phone. That’s what I carry on civvy street. So why do I need all those pockets? The reality is I don’t. But given the opportunity my girlfriend will sure as shit use them. “Babe, can you carry my phone, my lip balm, my wallet, my keys, my sunglasses, my tampons, a comb, spare makeup…” the list goes on…and on. Before I know it I’m walking down the street with shorts that look like I’m trying to smuggle a Mexican family across the border.

Maybe there’s something to be said for skinny leg jeans after all.