Feb 282014

10458871_10152170006550108_7588909318375872464_nThere was once a time when the only men that wore beards were manly men. Lumberjacks, fishermen, Spec Ops dudes and Vikings.Now it seems that every second dweeb I see on the street is a flaxseed consuming, noodle armed, skinny jean wearing, pot smoking, artistic fuckwit sporting a full blown organic face warmer.

A steely eyed, bearded warrior waits patiently for a Hipster to trundle by on a fixie, drinking a flax and kale smoothie.

A steely eyed, bearded warrior waits patiently for a Hipster to trundle by on a fixie, drinking a flax and kale smoothie.

I hate these people almost as much as I hate vegans. Why? I hear you ask. Because they’ve taken something awesome and turned it in to a great big pile of steaming hippy shit. There was a time when a heavily tattooed, bearded dude
wearing a watch cap was either a lumberjack or a WWII Commando about to scale a French cliff and snap some Nazi scumbag’s neck like a twig. Now it’s the hallmark of a veritable smorgasbord of limp wristed dipshits who’s only contribution to society is to consume kale, sell useless second hand shit and ride helmetless on bikes with no brakes and no gears. Fucking tards.

There, I’m done. Now I can breath easy and go back to working on PRIMAL.





Feb 212014

F#ck I love technology. Aircraft, weapons, cars, bio security, 3D printers, comms networks, medical tech, it doesn’t matter. If it’s shiny and high tech I want one. So when the opportunity to hit the Singapore Air Show popped up I was on it like Bieber on a cock flavored lolly pop.

One thing  I noticed when I rocked out at the show with my PRIMAL t-shirt on was the number of bad suits that guys were wearing. I felt like I was in the most expensive second hand car yard in the world. It’s not gonna give me much confidence in your billion dollar tech if you can’t be arsed buying a suit that fits.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?…. Sort of, it’s Super Heron.

The overall trend at the show in the military sector was unmanned tech. Boats, vehicles and aircraft, everything was on offer. Not surprising considering that the entire military technology world is trending towards leaving personnel out of harms way and outsourcing the fighting to the machines. No real stand outs, just plenty of the same. Israeli Defence Industries did roll out their new upgraded Heron platform. Despite their official ‘we don’t arm drones’ standpoint this bastard sure has a lot of hard points. You can’t tell me they’re all for fuel.

No airshow is complete without some old faithfuls

The F-15. Old school but packing more high tech systems than your iPhone.

and the Singapore Armed Forces are still flying two of my favorites, the F-16 and the F-15… sex on wings.  As old as these girls are the Singaporeans have jacked them up with all the latest gear. In fact the F-15 SG is probably the most capable multi-role fighter in the world. This thing carries more ordnance than Iron Man.

The Chinese stand was pretty funny. The models of their latest technology looked pretty sweet until you realized that every one of them was a copy of an aircraft from the 1980s. Maybe they’re keeping their good stuff at home?

What airshow would be complete without an F-35 or a V-22 Osprey in attendance. Despite all the set backs the F-35 is one savage looking jet.

The RTF over the ramp roll on roll off weapons delivery system. An idea borrowed front the pages of PRIMAL?

It was pretty cool to see some of the tech I’ve been writing about in the PRIMAL books actually starting to make it on the shelves. The boys over at ATK have designed a roll on roll off weapons pack for the C-130 Herc, not unlike the system in the Pain Train. I also located an iPRIMAL-esque battle space management tool being built by the Singaporeans.

Anyway enough jet setting, time to get back into the books and crack out PRIMAL Nemesis.