Aug 162014


PRIMAL InceptionEver since the release of PRIMAL Unleashed, I’ve received a crap load of emails, tweets and messages asking for more on Ice. I’ve got to admit that he’s one of my all time favorite PRIMAL characters. Why? Because he’s a soldier’s soldier. A quiet professional. The type of man that every operator wants to fight alongside. It’s pretty easy to understand why I wanted to go back and tell his story.

PRIMAL Inception is one of three novellas that give the background to PRIMAL and some of the key characters. They are small projects that I’ve been working on concurrently with the development of the next three full-length PRMAL novels: Reckoning, Nemesis, and Redemption. Rest assured that they will be released on schedule, maybe even a little early. Make sure you’ve signed up to PRIMAL on the website so I can keep you updated.

And if you get a chance to review any of the books that would rock.

You can find PRIMAL Inception on Amazon here.

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