Mar 062016
It's got romance in it. But, it's not too romantic.

It’s got romance in it. But, it’s not too romantic.

Yeah, don’t judge me.

I mean sure, it’s got some romance in it. But, it’s also got Navy SEALs fighting a cartel hitmen, a wounded military working dog and OK, a little romance between the girl next door veterinarian and our hero SEAL. Think Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

It’s also a bit of a comedy, in that our hero, like many military men, has terrible taste in women. Yep, he’s dating narcissistic princesses (we’ve all been there). However, his teammates have a plan to ensure his next love isn’t so shallow, enter the Girlfriend Selection Course. It’s BUD/S for babes.

It’s a short tale, 40K words, that’ll make you cringe, laugh and fist pump when the good guys win. Most importantly I’m going to be donating some of the royalties the books earns to a volunteer organization supplying support dogs to veterans. Hopefully, I can raise enough to provide a trained rescue dog to help someone deal with PTSD.

So, grab a copy of SEAL of Approval. Remember, don’t hate yourself for reading romance, you’re helping out a veteran who needs the support of a dog.