Aug 282016

SEAL of ApprovalYou can do 22 pushups every day for 22 days and draw attention to the plight of veterans. Or you could download a 99 cent book and help make a big difference for a veteran who needs a buddy and a dog who needs a home.

For the next five days, I’m putting a hundred percent of the royalties I make from each copy of SEAL of Approval toward the selection and training of a support dog for a suffering veteran. At 99 cents that means you will be contributing 70 cents to help me reach the $2500 it will cost to rescue and train a canine support buddy.

Since launching SEAL of Approval, I’ve managed to raise $1800. That means I only need to sell another thousand books to get it over the line. That’s something I think I can achieve in 5 days.

The books currently rated 4.7 stars on Amazon and may ‘actually’ be entertaining. It’s a bit of a rom-com with enough action to keep your average red-blooded male interested. But hey, at 99 cents it’s not like you have to ‘actually’ read it.

Hit the button below, cough up a buck, and make a real difference.




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