Jan 282019

I’ve been hearing the term Toxic Masculinity being thrown around for a while now. People have been using it to define undesirable or damaging masculine traits that have a negative impact on the people around them. Traits like, stoicism, aggression, competitiveness and dominance.

I’m calling b@llshit on the theory of Toxic Masculinity. Not because I don’t think that aspects of these attributes can be negative, they can, but because they’re used as an excuse for being a f#ckwit.

There is nothing wrong with having ‘masculine’ attributes. I’ve met plenty of women who would argue, successfully, that they’re not exclusive to men. In fact these attributes are highly sought after in both the competitive workplace and the military. Jocko Willink has written a great opinion piece on exactly that.

What the term Toxic Masculinity does is give some semblance of an excuse to the f#ckwits of the world. It takes something intensely personal, your own actions, and paints over it with broad sweeping generalizations.

There is only one attribute that real men…no scrub that, a real human, must have, and that is accountability. You alone are responsible for your actions and those actions are what define the real you. If you’re overly aggressive and dominant at work you’re not displaying Toxic Masculinity, you’re being a f#ckwit and you need to check yourself.

You can be anything you want to be. You can have whatever traits you want. How you treat the people around you is what’s going to define you. You get one chance. Try not to act like a f#ckwit.


Apr 122017

I first visited New Zealand in 2006 and fell madly in love with the place. The scenery was like nothing I had ever seen before. Towering snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, majestic glaciers, and forests of moss covered trees.

What’s more the country was super relaxed. People didn’t jump up and down and get excited about crap that wasn’t important. They got on with life driven by common sense, not bureaucracy, ego and douchery.

So when the time came to choose a new home base, I knew this was the place for me. That was 2013, and I haven’t looked back. In fact, I recently purchased a pub in one of the wildest parts of the country, the future home of team PRIMAL.

So, if you’re looking for a great place to visit and an even better place to live check out New Zealand. Need some inspiration? Take a peek at my Instagram, it tells the story.

And no, I’m not getting kickbacks from NZ Tourism……yet.

Newzealand truly is a majestic place. I expect to find orcs and dwarves around every corner. #lotr #middleearth

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It doesn’t get much better than this.

Aug 282016

SEAL of ApprovalYou can do 22 pushups every day for 22 days and draw attention to the plight of veterans. Or you could download a 99 cent book and help make a big difference for a veteran who needs a buddy and a dog who needs a home.

For the next five days, I’m putting a hundred percent of the royalties I make from each copy of SEAL of Approval toward the selection and training of a support dog for a suffering veteran. At 99 cents that means you will be contributing 70 cents to help me reach the $2500 it will cost to rescue and train a canine support buddy.

Since launching SEAL of Approval, I’ve managed to raise $1800. That means I only need to sell another thousand books to get it over the line. That’s something I think I can achieve in 5 days.

The books currently rated 4.7 stars on Amazon and may ‘actually’ be entertaining. It’s a bit of a rom-com with enough action to keep your average red-blooded male interested. But hey, at 99 cents it’s not like you have to ‘actually’ read it.

Hit the button below, cough up a buck, and make a real difference.




Jul 252016
Head on a swivel, Poketard!

Head on a swivel, Poketard!

Yesterday, I was driving through town in my truck when I rounded a corner and was confronted by an individual standing in the middle of the road with their back to me. Instantly, I realized this was a simple-minded victim of the Pokemon Go craze that has been sweeping the world. Jumping on my brakes, I brought my two tonnes of death sled to a screeching halt, wound down my window and informed the unfortunate individual that their presence on the road was impeding my travel. It sounded more like this, “Hey, Poketard. You got a death wish? Get the hell off the road.”

Situational awareness is something that’s drilled into every soldier from day one of basic training. Calls such as “head on a swivel, eyes up space cadet, look for work, and, my personal favorite, are you f@cking blind,” will stay with us till the day we die. Unfortunately, your average Pokemon Go player hasn’t had the benefit of getting smacked in the head every time their eyes drop to the ground. So in light of that, I’ve devised a three-step training program specifically for Poketards!

images-1Step 1: Keep it in your workspace. This is pretty simple, to operate the electronic device and remain aware of your surroundings, you need to lift your noodle arms and hold it in front of your face. Then, you look past your phone every few seconds to ensure you’re not walking into a sign, pole or another person’s fist. The training technique is equally simple. See someone tooling along with their eyes down on their device? Position something in their path, preferably a large immobile object, and wait for the results.

Step 2: Head on a Swivel. Now, you’ve got your device in your workspace, and things are humming. The key here is to remain aware of your surroundings by looking past your device and turning your head from side to side. Sounds hard? It isn’t. Quickest way to help your buddy learn this is to extend your fist and run at them from a 45-degree angle. On impact scream,”Head on a swivel Poketard!”

Step 3: Get a Life. Yep, holster that brain frying iTard and get your head in the game. There’s a big bad world out there filled with real experiences, real people and cool stuff to do and see. You don’t have to be chasing invisible Tamagotchis to explore it.

Jack out.

Mar 062016
It's got romance in it. But, it's not too romantic.

It’s got romance in it. But, it’s not too romantic.

Yeah, don’t judge me.

I mean sure, it’s got some romance in it. But, it’s also got Navy SEALs fighting a cartel hitmen, a wounded military working dog and OK, a little romance between the girl next door veterinarian and our hero SEAL. Think Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

It’s also a bit of a comedy, in that our hero, like many military men, has terrible taste in women. Yep, he’s dating narcissistic princesses (we’ve all been there). However, his teammates have a plan to ensure his next love isn’t so shallow, enter the Girlfriend Selection Course. It’s BUD/S for babes.

It’s a short tale, 40K words, that’ll make you cringe, laugh and fist pump when the good guys win. Most importantly I’m going to be donating some of the royalties the books earns to a volunteer organization supplying support dogs to veterans. Hopefully, I can raise enough to provide a trained rescue dog to help someone deal with PTSD.

So, grab a copy of SEAL of Approval. Remember, don’t hate yourself for reading romance, you’re helping out a veteran who needs the support of a dog.




Dec 232015

Someone on social media enlightened me yesterday. Allegedly I have been committing a significant PC sin by wishing people a “Merry Christmas”. Allegedly the correct greeting I should be using is… “Happy Holidays”.

Seriously… eat a dick. If a Muslim wishes me a Happy Eid, a Jew a Happy Hanakah a Buddhist a Happy Vesak or any other religion a happy ‘whatever’ my response is ‘right on brother/sister’. I respect their religion and their right to use a greeting aligned with it.

People need to chill the hell out. Political correctness is a hot load of crap that generates a passive society unwilling to stand up for itself. So, if you want to wish someone a Merry Christmas then holiday the f$ck up and ride that pony to the ranch.

And, in line with the theme of a politically incorrect Christmas, Holiday Season, Hannakah or whatever you’re running with, I’m giving away a book filled with the holiday spirit of gifting copious amounts of lead to really shit people.

For the next few days PRIMAL Unleashed, my first full length novel, is available for free. So spread some freedom and enjoy the hell out of it.





Merry Christmas.



Oct 062015

Not On Ops You Didn’t.

Tooling around the web I came across this new phenomenon being endorsed by some marketing twit called Sarah Wilson. ‘I quit sugar’ is her book and damn it’s made her wealthy as f#ck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to people helping others improve their health. Hell I’m all for it. I’m also not against people cutting back on sugars. I personally think that High Fructose Corn Syrup is a greater threat to humanity than team retard ISIS. However, I do want to issue a warning to anyone thinking about going cold turkey on sugar.

A few years ago, while deployed on ops, I decided to pull the plug on sugar. At the time I was running a very small team that was working long hours providing vital support to door kickers. These guys were some of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and all of them remain close friends. However, my little sojourn into sugar free living nearly ended that.


Rip It Saved My Life!!!

The first five days of my journey were dark to say the least. I got cold sweats, my hands shook, and I craved anything sweet. Sleep, when it came, was fitful and filled with dreams of donuts and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins. Seriously, they were like some kind of LSD-fueled Disney movie with angry confectionary chasing me through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. On the sixth day a Green Beret buddy dropped off a slab of sugar-free Rip Its. That shit saved my life and kept me sane for another day.

At the conclusion of the first week my team team held an intervention. Allegedly I wasn’t the only one suffering from my sugar withdrawal. “You’re being a dick.” “For f#ck’s sake man eat a muffin or five.” “If you don’t eat some sugar we’re going to kill you.” I faced angry faces and harsh words from the guys I relied on to get the job done. It would seem that the absence of sugar turned me into a short-tempered tyrant looking for any excuse to vent. Did I fold and start consuming? Not at first. But then muffins, cookies, candy, and Timmy Hortons iced coffees started appearing on my desk. At first I resisted and the evil glares from my workers continued. Then, one day I surrendered to a packet of Twizels and before I knew it I was back on the gear. Almost instantly my team started talking to me again and the death threats ceased. Team cohesion was saved by a plastic tasting candy that I truly despise.

Why have I shared this? Do I endorse the excessive consumption of sugar? Hell no. However, like everything when consumed in moderation, it has a place. Oh, and most importantly, going cold turkey in a small team environment is a good way to get your arse kicked.

JS out.

P.S. Remember to pre-order PRIMAL Renegade so I can donate some money to help save rhinos in Africa.

P.S.S Check out these lunatic Aussies who quit sugar.

Jul 052015


Make sure you grab PRIMAL Inception for free. Click on your bookstore of choice below to download the ebook.

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If you’re new to the PRIMAL Series, Inception is the book that started it all, revealing the backstory of the two rogue CIA operatives who formed PRIMAL. For those of you who don’t shop on Amazon, the next book in the series is PRIMAL Reckoning. Book one in a trilogy that pits our team of global vigilantes against Mexican cartels, civilian paramilitary contractors, and ultimately, the CIA. I’ll be releasing all future PRIMAL books in all stores so if you haven’t yet ‘Join PRIMAL’ here to be kept informed of upcoming releases. I will only email you when I have a new book or news pertaining to my work.


JS out.

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May 222015
Wow this looks like fun.

Wow this looks like fun.

It amazes me how quickly people latch on to stupid ideas and run with them. Yesterday I read an article promoting walking with a heavy pack as the #1 fitness fad of 2015. They call it ‘rucking’ and allegedly it’s how the military stays fit.

I’m baffled how people think that this is a good idea. I’ve yomped, rucked, stomped, humped, and TAB’d more miles than I would like to remember, carrying ridiculous loads and as a result I’ve got the knees of a seventy year old man.

Walking around with a pack on ... otherwise known as hiking.

Walking around with a pack on … otherwise known as hiking.

What people fail to realize is that Soldiers don’t carry heavy shit because of the health benefits. They carry heavy shit because they need it. They carry ammo because sure as hell when terry towel head starts laying down the smack you want to throw something more than a goddamn pillow at him. Water, food, night vision gear, breaching charges, mortar rounds, spare socks, med kits, radios, rocket launchers, all of this gear is heavy and all of it is mission essential. We don’t carry it so we can maintain rock hard abs and a toned arse. We carry it because it keeps us alive.

More to the point the first chance soldiers get they dump their shit in a helicopter, APC, MRAP, truck, robot donkey, or even a goddamn wheelbarrow. Why? Because carrying shit sucks balls and it destroys your body. Stress fractures, torn ligaments, compressed discs, shin-splints, sheered ACL joints, tendonitis, these are all ‘health benefits’ that civilians carrying heavy packs can look forward to.

Water boarding - great fitness for the whole family.

Water boarding – great fitness for the whole family.

But, fucktards (rucktards) do like to jump on a bandwagon. Obstacle courses were huge last year, this year it’s rucking, so what’s the next big fitness fad being lifted from the military? I think we should spread the love and go for a CIA-based activity. Waterboarding – low on calories, great for your abs and really cleans out the sinuses. Get into it rucktards!

Oh, by the way PRIMAL Redemption is out on  3 June. It’s got heaps of great ideas in it for rucktards to try out including; extreme rendition, subfreezing exposure and high velocity impact training.

Mar 242015
These people are fucktards!

These people are fucktards!

I’ve got a buddy who swears by superfoods. So much so that he’s calling himself the Superfood Warrior and trying to change the way people consume food. And, while I find that admirable, I’m pretty skeptical of the whole movement. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in superfoods,  just not kale and acai berries. For me superfoods are coffee, steak, and milk. I mean, they make you massive and keep you awake, that’s pretty damn super. Anyway, my buddy convinced me that a breakfast smoothie would be a helpful addition to my diet, especially if it contained some basic superfoods like bananas, blueberries, brazil nuts, and some other seed-like crap that parrots eat.


Kale – designer vegetables for designer dickheads!

OK, I was a little dubious but there was no mention of kale or any other hipster shit so I thought, why not? I blended up all that stuff with a pint of milk, two scoops of protein powder, and a fist full of oats, and low and behold it tasted pretty damn good. Not to mention it kept me going till lunch without my usual raiding of the fridge.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to superfood smoothie every day, far from it. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes are still going to make a regular appearance on my plate. And, I’m not about to start drinking  green ‘spew’elina shit out of a mason jar and riding a fixie. But, my buddy the Superfood Warrior may be on to something with his nutrient dense breakfast smoothie. It may just keep the scurvy at bay and it sure as shit is better than ninety percent of the crap people eat for breakfast. I’d prefer to piss in my own eye than spoon Captain Crunch into my mouth.

So PRIMAL heavy hitters, get a smoothie in yah!

JS out.

PS. Remember to sign up to the PRIMAL Intel database so I can let you know when the next book is out.