PRIMAL Mirza is a novella prequel focusing on the character Mirza Mansoor.

The year is 1999 and tensions between Pakistan and India are at breaking point. When critical intelligence prompts a cross border raid Indian Para Commandos arrive too late to prevent the deployment of a team of Lashkar terrorists. Mirza Mansoor, a Special Group operative and his partner Himesh Arjun, are all that stands between highly trained jihadists and their sinister objectives. As they track their quarry from the mountains of Kashmir to India’s capital they realize that terrorism is not the only threat they face. In the poverty-stricken slums of New Delhi crime and terror have free reign, greed is king, life is cheap, and heroes are few and far between.







Beautiful young women are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery by a ruthless crime syndicate that the law can’t—or won’t—touch. But after years of terror and abuse, one victim manages to strike back…with the help of PRIMAL. Now, the covert vigilante team lays siege to a medieval-era castle where the barbarism of bygone ages is alive and well. Once PRIMAL’s deadly operatives bring high-tech weapons and razor-sharp combat drills into play, they teach the flesh-trade slavers a lesson in preserving human rights…and punishing inhuman wrongs. But when one of the team trades valor for vengeance, it could jeopardize every member on the mission—leaving them, and the prisoners they’re fighting for, at the mercy of the criminal world’s most ruthless: the Yakuza.







PRIMAL Origin is the first story in the PRIMAL series and reveals the origins of PRIMAL.


“Your mission is to build an organization capable of dealing with men…Men who think they are above the law. Men who sow hatred and pain wherever they walk. Men who are evil.”

That’s the call to arms for Vance, Ice, Mitch, and Bishop, a team of highly trained operatives who’ve gone rogue and formed PRIMAL, a global vigilante unit. They protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and wage war against terrorism, all in the name of justice. Their first target: the wealthy CEO of a powerful corporation—and a die-hard jihadist supporter—scheming to exterminate Western influence in the United Arab Emirates. Our four warriors challenge his murderous ambitions, turning the dark arts of clandestine ops against a seemingly untouchable evil. Success gives them access to new resources and new targets, and within a matter of days they’ve brought a Russian mafia cartel to its knees.

Middle Eastern warmongers, insipid Russian mobsters, and all those who prey on the weak and helpless can rest assured: justice comes with a dose of fury when it’s delivered by PRIMAL.







The mission began, in 1989 Afghanistan, when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors—and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice. It could end apocalyptically, in the present, if a sinister evil escapes its sealed tomb…into the hands of one of the same men who fought to bury it.

Intel suggests that’s exactly what's happening: A Ukrainian veteran of the ’89 Soviet-Afghan conflict, battle-scarred and cold-blooded, is now a wealthy businessman—with a sideline selling deadly hardware to the highest bidders. He’s getting ready to make his biggest deal yet with a radical Iranian commander hell-bent on possessing the ultimate doomsday weapon. Only the battle-tested skills, state-of-the-art tech, and no-rules-but-their-own attitude of covert vigilante strike force PRIMAL can keep bloodthirsty madmen from unleashing hell on earth.

PRIMAL deals unconditional justice—with cold steel—to a world in dire need of heroes.






The native Dinka tribe of South Sudan is waging a war of wills for a better future—against a ruthless Chinese magnate determined to possess the impoverished nation’s only asset: its oil-rich land. It’s a David-and-Goliath struggle in danger of ending brutally in the giant’s favor thanks to the murderous forces of the Janjaweed, the dreaded Arab militia that outnumbers and outguns the Dinka’s ragtag freedom fighters. A bloodbath in the name of corporate greed seems assured—until the crusading warriors of PRIMAL step in to do what politics and so-called peacekeepers can’t.

With eyes in the sky, boots on the ground, and the best high-tech hardware that well-spent millions can buy, Bishop, Mirza, Saneh, and the entire PRIMAL roster of combat all-stars will rally a downtrodden country’s proud patriots to action. From desolate Sudan to downtown Shanghai and back, PRIMAL will go blow for blow with a merciless enemy that’s begging for a lesson in double-barreled diplomacy.





Kosovo, 1999. CIA operatives, Ice and Vance, are supporting a crack unit of Albanian rebels. War criminals by any standards, these brutal fighters are unlikely allies in a vicious ethnic conflict.

Two years on and the war has devastated Kosovo. NATO peacekeepers try to bring order to a region ruled by Albanian mafia, corrupt government officials, and apathetic UN bureaucrats.

Ice, scarred by genocide, is running a side project investigating war crimes. When Vance returns from a posting to Africa, they are faced with a stark choice. Abide by the façade of stability or, with the help of the SAS, fight a rogue battle against war criminals hungry for power.






Corrupt cops, cartel gunmen, and a ruthless mining corporation. These are the forces arrayed against Mexican farmers fighting for their land and livelihood. Justice seems far from their grasp, until PRIMAL intervenes.

Taking down a gold mining operation should be straightforward for our covert vigilantes. However, land is not the only resource being exploited, and PRIMAL is faced with its deadliest adversary to date; gunned-up, cashed-up, CIA-backed, private military contractors.







A recent operation in Mexico has left PRIMAL dangerously exposed. The existence of the rogue operatives is threatened as they battle paramilitary contractors across the Caribbean and Latin America. When a hostage rescue mission in Brazil almost fails it raises more questions than answers. Who are the financiers behind PRIMAL’s nemesis and how are they accessing US intelligence assets?







The final chapter of the Redemption Trilogy pits PRIMAL against a renegade directorate of the Central Intelligence Agency. Weakened by casualties, our team of global vigilantes are forced to launch a desperate counter-intelligence operation. Mission success will protect them from exposure and destroy rogue elements of the US intelligence apparatus. Failure will reveal PRIMAL's most closely guarded secrets and ultimately destroy them.

Primal Renegade






For the last decade a war has been waged across the national parks and game reserves of Africa. A bloody conflict that that has resulted in the slaughter of thousands of majestic black rhinos. Driven by Asian demand poachers have pushed the species to the brink of extinction… and they have no intention of stopping.
Ill-equipped, poorly-resourced park rangers are all that stand between these noble animals and total annihilation.
With the PRIMAL team on hiatus Bishop and Saneh take a much needed rest at a national park in Zambia. But, before long their paths cross with ruthless poachers and tragedy strikes. Consumed by rage Bishop sets out on a renegade mission that tests his limits and ultimately his very will to fight.





Lying low to avoid the scrutiny of the CIA, the covert vigilantes of PRIMAL are staying out of trouble. Lead operative, Aden Bishop, has taken a job flying aid into war-torn Syria. But, when he stumbles upon cutting-edge weaponry hidden in a load of medical supplies all hell breaks loose.


The action straddles the Middle East, Europe and Asia as the team face off against adversaries hell bent on profit, influence and power. Between Islamic State warlords and arms traffickers, Mossad assassination teams, a British hate preacher inciting jihad, and a sinister financial backer with friends in high places, PRIMAL will find themselves manipulated, out-gunned and ultimately deceived.


When the dust settles… will PRIMAL be left standing or will it succumb to the forces arrayed against it?







"If you like Tom Clancy, you'll like PRIMAL. It bristles with authenticity because the guy who wrote it used to do it for real."