Aug 182011

New Zealand is without a doubt the Adventure Sports capital of the world. Pristine rivers with pumping rapids, imposing mountains, black diamond ski runs and ancient glaciers. It attracts adrenalin junkies from all over the world, oh and a few Lord of the Rings fanatics as well. Including, it would seem, the adventure sport loving one-ring chasing covert elements of the Mossad.

Sounds sinister? Not at first, I mean it sounds pretty cool, Mossad agents heading down to the land of the long white cloud to carve up some slopes and get a bit of experience in alpine ops.  The truth is just a little more sinister.

It would seem that Mossad agents have a bit of a history getting busted in NZ doing a little more than hitting Queenstown bars and chasing snow bunnies. A quick search on Google reveals that in 2004 two Israeli ‘Agents’ were deported for spying. What exactly they were spying on is harder to identify, let’s face it NZ hardly contains any threats to Israel. Millions of sheep and a bunch of adventure sport junkies are probably not as high on their list as Iran’s nuclear program.

Where it really gets interesting is in the latest round of reports tying Israeli tourists, killed in the February quakes in Christchurch, to the Mossad. Reporters claim that one of the men was found with five passports in his possession and that other teams were trying to gain access to the quake site to steal information from national databases.

So what would this all be in aid of? What would Mossad operatives want with a New Zealand identity?

Access! When was the last time a New Zealander was denied a visa to a Middle Eastern country? Never. Kiwis, as they are fondly called the world over, are welcome in every country. Vivacious travelers, you can find New Zealand tourists in any bar, hotel or venue the world over. Often held in contempt for being drunk and a little insane, but never under suspicion of espionage. These are the attributes that a Mossad operative could only dream of concocting. Attributes that come ready packaged in that little black Kiwi passport.

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