Oct 112011

Italian soldier

I get that the world is a changing place. I’m not some sort of chauvinistic luddite with his head buried in the sand. In fact I am a huge supporter of equality and freedom. However, something bothers me about putting women in combat units. Australia recently announced that it was going to follow the lead of Canada and Israel and allow women in all functions of the military. The US Army is now being pressured to follow suit. Yeah, it would be a big win for women’s rights but how do operators feel about it this?

First things first, the front line I’m talking about is not just going outside the wire. It’s not flying a helicopter or driving a truck in a convoy or even a tank. I’m talking about door kicking CQB style shoot terrorists in the face front line. The sort of close combat that Marines, infantrymen, SEALs, Commandos, Rangers, and the like take part in on a daily basis in a number of conflicts around the globe. In my humble opinion, in this type of warfare there is no place for a women, no matter how fit or capable she is.

Many argue that if women can meet the grade then why can’t they join the units that engage in close combat? Physical attributes aside this comes down to basic human nature. In the world that I value and fight for women and children are classed as innocents. Unlike many other societies we treat our women with dignity and respect. Yes, we treat them as equals but we also protect them from harm. It’s in our nature – I mean without them our way of life ceases to exist. Now tell me that hundreds, no, thousands of years of thinking this way can be changed with the drop of a hat. It can’t, men will always try to protect women. As long as they carry our offspring it will be second nature to us. In close combat a team cannot focus on anything other than killing the enemy. If they are concerned with protecting one of their own they go from being an efficient killing capability to a Close Personnel Protection team. CPP teams don’t survive in combat; they die to get the principal out.

Do you really want to see her hurt?

I’m not saying that women are not as capable as men. Nor am I saying that they don’t make fine soldiers or officers. What I am saying is that when it comes to closing with the enemy and fighting the close battle I want a man alongside me and not a woman.

Women definitely have a part to play in the Special Operations world. They can gain access to aspects of a community that males otherwise couldn’t. They add an element of cover to a team that two burly bearded dudes clad in cargo pants could never achieve. Hell there is an awesome female operative in my book PRIMAL Unleashed. But are they an asset at the front of a stack banging in on a DA against an enemy held compound? No they’re not.

No doubt this post is going to elicit some hostile feelings from some of my readers. I mean how dare I degrade woman by suggesting they can’t do something. To these people I say this. Blow me, it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Hey there’s a comments box below if you want to engage in some good old-fashioned intellectual discussion around this matter.

So are you scoping me out?

Female sniper with 'Dorothy' .50cal rifle as featured in PRIMAL Unleashed!

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