Jun 062012

PRIMAL Vengeance is out now on Amazon. Fuck yeah, it feels great to have finally launched it down range to all the PRIMAL fans. Its been a while coming, for that I apologize but hey, it’s here now so quit bitching and get reading.

I think this is the best PRIMAL yet; it’s fast, it’s lethal, and it’s more of Bishop and Mirza kicking in doors and scalping bad guys. There are cool weapons, high-tech gear and a certain sexy former Iranian operative that may or may not get her kit off! You’re gonna love it so get on to Amazon and download it now.

The story revolves around the current conflict between Sudan and South Sudan and includes the usual assassination, kidnapping, and blackmail missions ranging from Khartoum to Shanghai. The PRIMAL team also gets involved in training a local militia in a classic Green Beret style FID mission.

As a book, Vengeance is a little different to Unleashed. It’s shorter and lighter on the boring bits, but it picks up the pace faster and gets straight to the action. Bear with me, I’m still getting the hang of all this writing business. This is also the first book that I’ve used a testing team on. Five fans were selected to test it and provide feedback, they did and this is the final product. You know who you are guys, the book is as slick as it is because of you.

That’s it from me, I need to get my arse in to gear and pump out PRIMAL Fury, or Rage, or Mild Disgruntlement or whatever the hell it ends up being called. For some reason I keep wanting to call it PRIMAL Nemesis. Anyway back to it.


Jack S



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