Aug 032015

Poaching is a topic that literally makes me want to punch someone in the face. The idea that majestic animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction for a substance that is identical to your finger nails really eats at me. I would like nothing more than to unleash PRIMAL on the perpetrators of such a heinous, self-centered crime. Unfortunately I can’t, but I can write a book about it and use some of the proceeds to fund people who are fighting poaching.

PRIMAL Renegade takes Bishop on a wild adventure through Africa as he seeks retribution against a Chinese-backed poacher. It’s a journey that will tear at his moral fibre and ultimately see him lose something he values more than life itself.

For every pre-order past 1000 of PRIMAL Renegade, I’ll give half my royalties to the IAPF (International Anti Poaching Foundation, Pre-order Renegade, or gift it to a friend or family member, and you’ll help out this team of heavy hitters who are on the frontline protecting rhinos, elephants, and other species at risk from poaching.

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Don't let this happen. Support the IAPF.

Don’t let this happen. Support the IAPF.

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