Mar 042014

PRIMAL Fury smallJPGFury – Violent anger. A wild and dangerous force. Webster’s definition is pretty much smack on when it comes to my latest PRIMAL novel. Sex trafficking is something that makes me very, very angry. The fact that piece of sh$t, scumbag, dickwads are trafficking women and children for pleasure is, quiet frankly, fucked up!

So what happens when team PRIMAL turns their attention to a gang of traffickers abducting women and selling them to sickos? Violent anger by a wild and dangerous force! Bishop and the team go on a door kicking, body stacking safari that leads them half way round the world. But this war on dickwad traffickers isn’t all beer and skittles. They soon face off against their most sinister opponent ever – a clandestine Yakuza clan.

Right now PRIMAL might be a fictional but sex trafficking isn’t. Every day thousands of women and children are forced into a life of misery by men who deserve to have their manhood hacked off with a blunt knife. However there are people and organizations out there trying to make a real difference. They might not have kinetic options but they do make an impact and they do need your help. Check out these links for the opportunity to give them some much needed support. International Justice Mission, Stop the Traffik, Not for Sale and the Polaris Project.

This is the first PRIMAL book that I have released with my new publisher – Thomas & Mercer. I gotta say Alan Turkus and his team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve been responsive to all of my outlandish demands and I hope this is the first of a long line of PRIMAL adventures. You can order PRIMAL Fury hardcopies, audiobooks and eBooks on Amazon.

Back to working on the next PRIMAL adventure – PRIMAL Reckoning.



Jan 222013

So recently I’ve been copping a bit of heat regarding PRIMAL Fury. Fans have been messaging, emailing, tweeting, Facebooking… I’m surprised I haven’t had a damn carrier pigeon arrive at my house. The crux of it is this, you guys want PRIMAL Fury and you want it now. I’ve got some sad news for you team, it ain’t ready. It will be ready soon but clearly that’s no good to those of you wanting to read now. So in the meantime you can check out a few of my buddies who have new books out that are ready to go. These guys are independent, ex-military and pumping out some hard core action.

Jack Murphy’s latest is Target Deck. It’s high speed low drag violence. I recently caught up with Jack in Vegas and spent some time swapping stories over beers. This guy’s got his finger on the pulse.

New to the pack is Peter Nealen with Task Force Desperate. Pete was also in Vegas and he’s cut from the same mold as Jack, a great guy with a knack for story telling. TFD is the most realistic of the three and a must for military buffs.

Hank Brown’s latest Tier Zero is old school pulp fiction. Good guys killing bad guys with a tonne of gunfire and smattering of sexy ladies. What’s not to like?

So PRIMAL fans, quit your bitchen and get reading. If you’re not sure which one to read remember you can download a free sample from Amazon first.

I’m going back to PRIMAL Fury.




May 302012

I want to start this entry by saying this is going to be a flat out rant! Yep, I’m about to unleash PRIMAL style and I just want to warn you out. There’s going to be profanity and its going to be vivid… still with me? Then strap yourself in and prepare for one of my best/worst.

Only hot chicks read this book.......

OK so I checked out this book that everyone’s being raving about – fifty shades of gay or whatever the fuck it’s called. I’m going to admit I didn’t read much of it… Why? Because it is pure unadulterated horse shit. In all seriousness I would prefer to sit at home and pound a kilo of sand up my arse with a rubber mallet than read whatever the hell it is that’s slapped between the most boring bloody cover in the world and… well whatever the back part of the book is called. Hell, I don’t really care what it’s called because let’s face it no one should give a crap what’s past page two of this literary abortion.

Am I jealous? Hell yeah I am. Some boring old bat slaps her twisted sexual fantasy on Amazon and sells ten million books. I spend months plotting how to take down arms dealers, despots and other evil douche bags and only sell a few thousand. Where’s the justice in that?

If it’s so bad Jack, I hear you say, then how in the hell did it sell 10 million copies in six weeks??? Well if I knew that I sure as shit wouldn’t be typing this blog on a beat up old Mac. I’d be jet setting around the world in a PRIMAL jet punching holes in bad guys with a crew of high speed low drag operators.

Could this get any gayer?

OK, so I do have a theory as to why it’s sold so many copies. Unfortunately it doesn’t really lend itself to my writing skills.

For the vast majority of women in their middle age, life is boring! They’re probably married to some poor schmuck who works a boring arse job and has lost his will to live. Of course he’s let himself go, they both have, and as a result they’re not doing the horizontal limbo as much as they used to. In fact, if they’re throwing the sausage down the hallway at all it’s probably pretty damn rare. Enter trashy, badly written S&M porn pretending to be a legitimate novel. Ooooh says the woman, this looks interesting. OK, in fact it doesn’t, the cover looks about as interesting as the maintenance manual for a brussel sprout picking machine and the name… don’t even get me started. Fifty Shades of Grey WTF? That sounds like a sales line for a 1980’s model dot matrix printer… I digress. Back to the women who finds this dull piece of crap interesting. She’s heard about this book, it’s got a few dirty words in it and gets her a little flustered under the collar. Suddenly she’s living vicariously through the tart in the pages, for once she can escape from the boring monotony of her life.

What these women don’t realize is that all this stuff is available for free… on the amazing interweb – it’s called PORN!

In all seriousness I know I’m not competing with this rubbish. I mean, PRIMAL readers don’t read wishy washy soft core porn that’s an over glorified mills and boon novel. Hell no! PRIMAL readers get their kicks from fast paced, action packed violence, with fast cars, guns, hot chicks and… damn I just realized I’m doing the same thing she is. Well at least I’m putting a decent cover on it and splurging out on an editor. Oh and mine’s got guns, lots and lots of guns.


Jan 012012

Twilight - it shrinks balls.

I was on the train the other day and I noticed the guy opposite me was reading a Twilight novel… Wow I thought, has man really de-evolved to this? In my head I ran through a scenario where I plucked the book from his hands and beat him with it.

In all seriousness WTF is wrong with men today? Seriously have we checked our testosterone at the door? Have we castrated ourselves and handed our balls over to our women? When did we start reading women’s magazines and wearing mascara?

What happened to men reading manly books. Tales of adventure, action and moral fortitude? If you walk into a bookstore now you’re immediately ambushed by what I like to call the ‘tweentard genre’. It’s all vampires, werewolves and sh@t. Now don’t get me wrong there is a place for these books, teenage girls and lonely women need something to read, but is it for men? F#ck no! Hell I have female PRIMAL fans that show more manliness than a Twilight gimp.

OK I hear you – you want to pry this teenage romance novel from your hands and replace it with something more masculine – but what? Well the big publishing houses have left you pretty high and dry. They’ve been fighting over the tweentard scraps and neglecting what men really want to read. Result, heaps of vampires – not a whole lot of action thrillers. Yeah, there are the staples out there that you can turn to, Forsyth, Clancy, Cussler, Griffen etc. But a lot of these are past their used by date. What’s more, a lot of them are being penned by other writers. Sure there is some contemporary gear out there that’s solid, Flynn, Eisler and Thor can be relied upon for a good thriller, but they also come dripping in their own political agendas. I want to read action, not a diatribe of political mumbo jumbo.

Fortunately, the maturing of the eBook market in the last twelve months has allowed a bunch of authors, me included, to publish their own work. What does that mean? It means you can get your hands on ripping action novels that haven’t been diluted by crack sniffing publishing houses who just want to sell the next Twilight series.

So Jack, you say, who do you read? What indie authors are ticking all your boxes at the moment? We’ll I’m glad you asked. If I flick into my Kindle I’ve got three authors that I’m currently reading.

PROMIS Vietnam - kick arse action.

The first is Jack Murphy, a former SF operator turned indie novelist. Jack’s novellas are fast paced, action filled and a great read. He’s also constantly developing as an author and his work is improving at rate rapid. His lead character Deckard is one cool cat, check him out in the PROMIS series.

Absolute Gold!

The second is Henry Brown. Like Murphy his background is military, he  has been writing for a while and it shows. His work is very much a contemporary blend of modern day themes and old school commando style action. ‘Hell and Gone‘ comes highly recommended and showcases his polished style.

The third author I’m going to plug is Dan Tharp. Dan’s a former navy guy who like Brown is trying to bring back the ‘male fiction’ genre. I recently read the first novel in his Task Force Intrepid Series, The Gold Of Katanga, and I really enjoyed it. Fast paced, great action and a bevy of rock solid characters.

Balls to the wall action.

Now I’ve given you  a three  rock solid indie authors that are fighting back against tweentardism. Get out there and support them, and next time you see a grown man reading twilight, slap him in the face with your action packed kindle.

Till next time,



Aug 072011

Vice Admiral William McRaven is a bit of a legend in the Special Ops world. The current head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been leading, planning and directing SEAL Team Ops since Jesus was playing fullback for Nazareth.

Word on the street is he played a pretty key role in the death of Bin Laden. He may not have pulled the trigger but it was his command that planned and executed the Op. Panetta, former head of the CIA, is said to have handed Operation Neptune’s Spear over to McRaven and his team of Counter Terrorism specialists.

Most of those within the Special Operations community would recognize his name from the seminal book, Spec Ops: Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Practice, so I thought I’d have another look over it and do up a review.

Spec Ops was published in 1995, when McRaven was commanding a SEAL Team. It’s basically a historical look at ‘Direct Action’ missions from 1940 through to 1976. Direct Action (DA) is a term used in the Special Ops world to describe a short offensive action against a target (person or building), usually behind enemy lines. DAs are known for their precision and violence.

McRaven’s book is well researched and referenced, and his subject matter expertise is evident throughout. In fact it has become a bit of a ‘bible’ for Special Operations theory. The Admiral convincingly argues his theory of ‘Relative Superiority’ and his six principles of Special Operations. Worth the read just to pull out these little gems.

So who should read it? Well, the book’s a must for any serious student of military history or  any Special Ops buff. It’s the definitive academic reference on Special Operations theory for Direct Action on heavily fortified targets. The lessons and theory drawn out of it remain relevant for current day operations, as evidenced in the success of Neptune’s Spear.

However, it does have some  limitations. This book isn’t an up-to-date classified tactics and procedures manual. Special Ops have advanced leaps and bounds since the 70’s, particularly in the fields of intelligence, air support, cyber warfare and insertion techniques. In short, Spec Ops is a well-researched history on DAs. If you’re after something more entertaining with a bit more bang, grab a PRIMAL book.

Till next I blog,



Jul 292011


Jack Murphy’s book Reflexive Fire caught my attention immediately. Author with a SOF background, check. Rogue operatives with a solid set of morals, check. He even has the same first name as me, legend. I had to give it a read and I sure as shit wasn’t disappointed.

It was no surprise that the action is intense and authentic. Those with a military background will really appreciate some of the finer details, although SEALs and the French may disagree with their lot…. Even if the extent of your military experience is Modern Warfare games on the Playstation Network, you’ll get a kick out of the off-the-charts actions scenes. I’m talking about short notice battalion-level assaults on complex cave systems, cruise-liners and secret government ‘black sites’.

Sounds like something out of Modern Warfare 3? My thoughts exactly. So if you haven’t read it yet, and fast-paced military fiction is your thing, you should check out Reflexive Fire.

Til next time I blog,