Jun 112012

Charlize in a body suit.......sold!

When I heard that Ridley Scott had stepped back up to the plate and cranked out Prometheus, another movie in the Aliens saga, I had to see it. Now I’m not a hardcore fan of the series, I don’t dress up in a Marine rig and run around COSPLAY conventions screaming “Game over, man!” or anything like that. I’m a big fan of the original movies staring Sigourney Weaver as Ripley. The first one came out before I was born and I remember it scaring the shit out of me when my old man finally let me watch it; he had a thing for Sigourney.  I’m also a huge fan of the original Predator film, but when some fucktard decided to merge the two brands they lost me. They took a cool concept and trashed it with a heavy dose of crappy acting and cheesey dialogue. Pity, because the computer game of the same name was sinister as hell.

Alien Penis

Purple Headed Alien Acid Slinger

Anyway back to Prometheus. If I was to sum it up in one expression it would be ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the flick. It had some seriously tense scenes. However, it asked more questions than it ever came close to answering. In fact at the start of the movie I was thinking WTF mate, but by the end I was thinking WHAT THE ,WHAT THE FUCK! It had all the components of an Aliens movie; I mean, it even had a Bishop-esqe robot called David. But it just didn’t seem to add up and I’m not even going to try to delve into the Creationism / Darwinism conflicts, that shit is a little too serious for me.

The thing I loved about the original Alien was the characters. The scientists were normal everyday guys who had to deal with a bunch of acid spitting Aliens. The scientists in Prometheus are epic douche bags. They deserve to die. When one of them reaches out to pat the giant alien penis slug I wanted it to kill him. Any retard who tries to pat an alien penis slug deserves to have it dive down his throat, right? I was happy to see him go, along with the rest of the other over-dramatized losers. The douche bag scientists are balanced somewhat by a couple of hangers-on. Charlize Theron’s character brings nothing to the plot other than a smoking hot frame in a jump suit – winning! Even the Captain of the ship is a bit of a nobody. By far the strongest character, and the guy who holds up the whole film, is the robot David. Fassbender slams home an epic performance that matches, even surpasses the original Bishop (not the PRIMAL one).

Regardless of the above bitching, Prometheus is reasonably entertaining. It’s classic Ridley Scott; eerie tension with an intelligent use of special effects and CGI to enhance to the storyline. Unlike most of the crap at the movies it doesn’t rely on huge explosions to get it across the line. Just don’t go to the movie thinking you’re going to come away from it with any level of understanding as to how it fits into the whole Aliens saga.


May 302012

I want to start this entry by saying this is going to be a flat out rant! Yep, I’m about to unleash PRIMAL style and I just want to warn you out. There’s going to be profanity and its going to be vivid… still with me? Then strap yourself in and prepare for one of my best/worst.

Only hot chicks read this book.......

OK so I checked out this book that everyone’s being raving about – fifty shades of gay or whatever the fuck it’s called. I’m going to admit I didn’t read much of it… Why? Because it is pure unadulterated horse shit. In all seriousness I would prefer to sit at home and pound a kilo of sand up my arse with a rubber mallet than read whatever the hell it is that’s slapped between the most boring bloody cover in the world and… well whatever the back part of the book is called. Hell, I don’t really care what it’s called because let’s face it no one should give a crap what’s past page two of this literary abortion.

Am I jealous? Hell yeah I am. Some boring old bat slaps her twisted sexual fantasy on Amazon and sells ten million books. I spend months plotting how to take down arms dealers, despots and other evil douche bags and only sell a few thousand. Where’s the justice in that?

If it’s so bad Jack, I hear you say, then how in the hell did it sell 10 million copies in six weeks??? Well if I knew that I sure as shit wouldn’t be typing this blog on a beat up old Mac. I’d be jet setting around the world in a PRIMAL jet punching holes in bad guys with a crew of high speed low drag operators.

Could this get any gayer?

OK, so I do have a theory as to why it’s sold so many copies. Unfortunately it doesn’t really lend itself to my writing skills.

For the vast majority of women in their middle age, life is boring! They’re probably married to some poor schmuck who works a boring arse job and has lost his will to live. Of course he’s let himself go, they both have, and as a result they’re not doing the horizontal limbo as much as they used to. In fact, if they’re throwing the sausage down the hallway at all it’s probably pretty damn rare. Enter trashy, badly written S&M porn pretending to be a legitimate novel. Ooooh says the woman, this looks interesting. OK, in fact it doesn’t, the cover looks about as interesting as the maintenance manual for a brussel sprout picking machine and the name… don’t even get me started. Fifty Shades of Grey WTF? That sounds like a sales line for a 1980’s model dot matrix printer… I digress. Back to the women who finds this dull piece of crap interesting. She’s heard about this book, it’s got a few dirty words in it and gets her a little flustered under the collar. Suddenly she’s living vicariously through the tart in the pages, for once she can escape from the boring monotony of her life.

What these women don’t realize is that all this stuff is available for free… on the amazing interweb – it’s called PORN!

In all seriousness I know I’m not competing with this rubbish. I mean, PRIMAL readers don’t read wishy washy soft core porn that’s an over glorified mills and boon novel. Hell no! PRIMAL readers get their kicks from fast paced, action packed violence, with fast cars, guns, hot chicks and… damn I just realized I’m doing the same thing she is. Well at least I’m putting a decent cover on it and splurging out on an editor. Oh and mine’s got guns, lots and lots of guns.


Mar 082012

OK so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Invisible Children, a non-profit organisation, is running a campaign to bring Josephy Kony into the world’s limelight and, hopefully, to justice. Check out the website and video here.

The guys behind Kony 2012...


The video is long and kind of rambles but the crux of it is this. White guy meets Ugandan refugee  kids, is moved by their story and pledges to help bring the injustice in Uganda to an end. To achieve this he attempts to raise international awareness of how much of a asshole Joseph Kony is. The aim, to force US decision makers to up the ante and bring a power hungry murderer, rapist and despot to justice. A worthy cause, an interesting idea and a slim chance that it will amount to anything.

I’ve blogged about Kony before (check it our here) and as I’ve previously said the bastard makes my blood boil. I’m not about to sign up to a ‘capture’ order on this shit head. I’m voting for a big K little c. This guy needs to have a hellfire banged firmly up his arse.

So whilst these guys wage their campaign of ‘awareness’ who’s actually doing something about Kony? Well AFRICOM is trying, this article details some of the key problems facing the Task Force set up to target the LRA. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. I’ve had a bit of experience in finding evil bastards in the middle of shitsville and trust me when I say, if the right assets are brought to the party it takes weeks, not months to find them.

The way forward to get Kony? Put a sizable bounty on his head and unleash the private military contractors. Invisible Children have received millions in donations so far – if they put this money towards a price on Kony’s head instead of their own expenses, then we might see results. A modern PMC, enabled with with all-source ISR and rotary wing assets, would tear Kony’s militias apart – if his lieutenants didn’t sell him out first. A 20 million dollar price tag should bring an end to his little regime pretty damn quickly. Hell, maybe if I sell enough PRIMAL books one day I’ll put up the money myself!

Jack Silkstone

Sierra Leone 1995 - Executive Outcomes making a difference

Jan 232012

These girls were in no way associated with my Yoga class.

Today was bizarre to the point of being a truly freaky experience. For a start my girlfriend is doing Karate, not that great considering she is a pretty hot headed woman to begin with. Her and one of her friends saw a month’s free training and thought, what the hell they’ll give it a crack. Now even though I am more of a Krav Maga kind of guy I didn’t have a problem with this till today. Why now you ask? Well, and this is hard to admit, because whilst she was off learning to kick guys in the junk I was at Yoga.

Before you get all “Oh my god Jack’s a bit of an alternative wierdo” I’m completely cool with Yoga and Pilates and those sorts of girl-workouts. Having limped around with a parachuting injury for years (after landing on my pack at night), I’m all for stretching and strengthening. I’ve tried nearly every type of exercise available. I even dabbled in Bikram Yoga, but after passing out in a superheated room whilst I tried to touch my toes, I decided to give it a miss. Anyone who thinks they’re a bit of a tough bastard should try 90 minutes of that. . . trust me humping 10 miles with a 70 pound rucksack is more fun.

Yep.... sh#t just got weird.

Anyway a mate invited me to a regular Yoga class, so I thought, hell it’s a Chinese New Year why not try something new…FAIL. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with Yoga but the reason this session weirded me out was while my girl was karate chopping wood and stuff I was holding another man’s hand and chanting… seriously WTF? The class started well, lots of stretching and strengthening, then it all got weird. It started with dancing, letting all your muscles go by waving your arms around like Jackie Chan on muscle relaxants… Hey, I gave it a go. I mean I’d paid my money and I wasn’t about to walk out. The thing is sh#t just got wierder and wierder. Before I knew it I was lying on my back doing some crazy arse cross country skiing move that looked like I was the birthday girl at a bukkake party. However it wasn’t until the last ten minutes that things really started to freak me out – ‘The Circle of Healing’.

That's going to be one big f@ck off circle of healing.

OK so picture this – a whole bunch of dudes and chicks sitting in a circle holding hands and chanting like some sort of demented cult. In the middle lay the people who need healing. This I wasn’t cool with. For starters the only circle I had formed in the military had two guys in the middle of it punching the crap out of each other with 16 ounce gloves. Secondly, wasn’t this the sort of thing that led to drinking blue Kool Aid and waiting for the mothership? I was freaked out and looking for an exit strategy. Finally it ended, but then some bleach blonde hippy girl asked why the meditation was so important. The instructor responded by saying it was a science, that meditating could change your DNA. Holy crap, I thought that required an exotic species of irradiated spider or a dose of solar radiation – sign me up for more meditation and a lycra superhero suit. Jack Silkstone’s gonna change his DNA and become YOGA MAN! Some people are just born stupid, I’m going back to running with my weighted vest and grinding out my knees.


Dec 262011

Nuclear Power of Nuclear Weapons?

For those who have been watching this in the media this might not be anything new. Those of you who aren’t then you’re missing out – shit’s going down like a Ludlum novel in the fiefdom of Persia.

Everyone knows that Iran is pursuing nukes. This isn’t news. What is news is the effort that external influences (read US and Israel) are going to, to fuck with Iran’s scientific hobby. Assassinations, bombings, sabotage, cyber-attack and stealth reconnaissance are all hitting the headlines at rate rapid. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I am talking about.

Jun 2009 Stuxnet virus infects Iranian enrichment equipment damaging machinery.

Jan 2010 an Iranian scientist killed in a bombing.

Nov 2010 Iranian Nuclear scientists killed in a bombing.

Jul 2011 an Iranian Nuclear scientist is assassinated outside of his home.

Nov 2011 a blast destroys an Iranian missile facility near Tehran.

Dec 2011 a US RQ 170 stealth drone crashes inside Iran.

Mossad sponsored bombing?

As you can see there is some serious covert action going on. The big question is who is responsible? These guys reckon that it’s most likely US or Israel backed up by some sort of local support network. I tend to agree, although I think it’s more likely that Mossad have the helm on this one. Local support is a must have for these types of operations. My guess is Mossad has a proxy force of Iranian dissidents at their disposal and they’re using them to slow the move to nuke weapons as much as possible.

The key for Israel is keeping their ops deniable. The last thing they want is to launch another air strike like Operation Opera. A preemptive strike against an Iranian facility is likely to provoke a brutal response from Iran and potentially tip the Middle East into all out war.

On the other hand they need to avoid terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons. Iran, in particular Quds force, have a long history of supporting terrorism and conducting covert actions. Their operatives are heavily involved in de-stabilising Iraq and they also provide support to Hezbollah. Recently they also planned an audacious assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador to the US, in Washington DC. Another story for another time, but needless to say they also planned to hit the Israelis. It would be safe to say that Quds force would lead the charge in retaliation attacks against an Israeli air strike.

It all reads like a good political thriller, in fact a lot of it resonates with the themes in PRIMAL Unleashed. Needless to say I’m watching it closely and am pretty damn interested in how this one pans out.

Dec 012011

Before I even start I want to throw this out there. I know I’m running the risk of getting typecast as uber-nerd but who cares, I think UAVs are seriously cool kit. I mean, ethics aside, what’s cooler than flying a death wielding aircraft from the comfort of an air-conditioned room with a soft drink in one hand and a joystick in the other? Well OK, yeah, having a posse of Victoria’s Secret models in the same air-conditioned room is probably cooler, or hotter. But hey that’s not the point – the point is that drones are pretty damn awesome.

I wrote this blog because I’ve been seeing a lot of hype regarding the flying of UAVs in US airspace. Some self-rightous libertarians seem to be freaking out about the idea that the government will be watching from the sky, loitering above them as they go about their daily activities, ready to pounce when they step outside the bounds of the law… George Orwell eat your heart out.

Yeah UAVs are being used to zap bad guys in Pakistan but this is just one application of a versatile piece of equipment. In other parts of the world drones are used to spray crops, conduct inspections of pipelines, take photos, search for lost hikers, spot drug crops, spot fires, check on nuclear reactors, conduct surveillance of volcanoes, and a variety of other important tasks. Sure they could be used to spy on Americans but let’s face it, there are other cheaper and more effective means of surveillance and tracking available. Everyone carries a mobile phone now and most have GPS trackers in them. Hell even the media can run a phone tap.

A few security experts have commented on a need to heavily regulate the use of drones because they could be armed with a payload and used as a flying bomb. No one can deny that this is possible. In fact a nut job from Boston planned an attack using remote control aircraft packed with C4. This kind of sh#t can and no doubt will happen. Does that mean drones should be kept from adding value to society? My opinion, hell no! They can offer a lot of benefits, let’s just not start handing them out to every wack job like they’re kids toys.

Shadowhawk UAV

I read an article recently that police in Texas now have a remote control helicopter to track fugitives. Some scare-mongering journos called the UAV ‘creepy’ and ‘controversial’ implying that it may, in the future, be armed with capsicum spray and bean bag rounds fired from a 40mm grenade launcher. Not sure how viable that is, I mean shooting a running dude with a beanbag round from a helicopter is one thing. Banging one out of a radio controlled chopper sounds pretty off the charts. The simple reality is that cops have being using aircraft to chase crooks for years. The big win with a UAV is the significant cost savings for taxpayers. A twin turbine chopper costs up to 6K an hour to keep airborne yet a decent sized drone is going to give you change from a grand. I don’t care who you are, in today’s economic climate that makes sense.

The big issue facing UAV operators in CONUS is how they fit into the airspace picture. A drone buzzing around below 1000 feet is pretty harmless, unless it flys into your head, but one getting hoovered into the air intake on a 737 at 20,000 feet is a sh#t sandwich. Currently the FAA is trying to workout how piloted and pilotless aircraft interact with each other safely. Till they figure this out there ain’t gonna be many commercial style UAVs flying. Although I might add that even aircraft with pilots sometimes have problems avoiding each other.

Whilst the outlook for UAVs in the US is up in the air, no pun intended, it’s pretty damn likely that we are going to see more of them flying around in the near future. It makes sense to use smaller, cheaper craft to augment helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. So for all you conspiracy theorists out there you better start wrapping tin foil around your heads and make a bee line for the hills… the drones are coming.


Nov 232011

A team of SF operators is postured outside a compound in downtown Kandahar. Intel has led them this far; inside the compound is a Taliban commander responsible for numerous civilian and military casualties. It’s unknown who else are inside with him; heavily armed fighters, a suicide bomber, or innocent women and children? One of the operators rips a device the size of a book from a pouch and flicks it open. He takes out a tiny 15 gram nano-UAV, snaps the rotor blade onto the body and throws it in the air. It shoots up and over the mud-brick wall, the onboard camera beaming a clear picture back to the screen in his hands. Unseen it silently zips past four armed guards in front of the main building and enters through an open window. Inside a group of men are holding a shura. The target has been identified! With a crump the team breaches the compound and rapidly overwhelms the security detail. They make a bee-line for the room containing the target. Moments later the dust has settled and the objective is zip-tied, hooded and ready for processing.

Sounds like something straight out of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare right? Wrong, it’s the not so distant future for UK SF. The Ministry of Defence has just awarded a contract to Prox Dynamics to provide lightweight nano-UAVs for urgent deployment to Afghanistan.

The device selected is the PD-100 Personal Reconnaissance System and comes packaged inside a base station that holds three UAVs and weighs less than kilo.  The idea is an operator can fly one of these UAVs into a building to identify civilians, terrorists, IEDs or other threats.

It’s still early days for this technology and although the MoD contract specifies Night Vision this is yet to be featured on the PD-100. However GPS navigation and a live-video feed in a matchbox-sized package is impressive and it’s only a matter of time before these are able to see in the dark. Odds are they’re going to get even smaller, not to mention that basic reconnaissance is just the beginning. I’ll wager we’ll eventually see miniature payloads for tracking or listening devices, and maybe even a Mossad-style chemical injection weapon for a standoff offensive capability. Yeah large unmanned platforms have been the focus for development over the last decade but expect to hear a lot more about nano-UAVs.

Til next time,


Nov 142011

The recent killing of FARC boss Alfonso Cano was touted as a great success by the Colombian Government and a decisive blow against the insurgency movement. But what has it really achieved? In my opinion, sweet f#ck all. Most analysts agree, nothing is about to change. FARC is going to continue to control a big chunk of Colombia and violence is going to continue.

Since the ‘kinetic’ option isn’t working, maybe there’s a better way? What about formalizing FARC’s political control over the areas they already dominate? Make them a legitimate governing body, then see how they fare. Currently FARC operates a regional level extortion ring, gaining legitimacy from a violent insurgency campaign. Once it has a mandate to govern, people will soon realize that providing services is far more complex than running a cartel, and inevitably FARC’s popularity will be undermined. The insurgency will morph into a political movement and the cycle of violence will gradually be broken.

At the same time a ceasefire and closer relations between FARC and the rest of the Government could enable intelligence collection against key guerrillas. Those who reject legitimate rule and want stay on the criminal path will soon find themselves on the outside of the governing body. These troublemakers could be dealt with in a more conventional sense, along with the Cartels, people smugglers and kidnappers. It would be a long hard road to peace, but it would be a start.

This is the sort of strategy PRIMAL would endorse.  Kinetic vs non-kinetic operations is a key theme in my next book, PRIMAL Vengeance. No need to worry, there will still be plenty of hardcore action, but when cracking heads isn’t proving it’s effectiveness, it’s time to unleash a new technique. Maybe some influence operations! Bit of blackmail, kidnapping, and deception… On that note, I better get back to writing!

Til next time,


FARC me she is a hot little Guerrilla Fighter!


Oct 182011

Seriously what is the counter-terrorism world coming to? In the past few weeks I have seen two incidents of political f#cktardism that puts lives at risk.  Number one, two British citizens are caught red handed in Afghanistan planning to return to Britain and commit acts of terrorism. What does the British Government decide to do? Theresa May, the Home Secretary decides that the safest option is to set them free in Afghanistan because legally they can’t extradite them to London without handing them over to the Afghans, who will torture them. Number two, over in Israel, 1027 prisoners are exchanged for one Israeli soldier. 315 of those prisoners were serving life sentences for some of the most bloody acts of terrorism ever committed in Israel. WOW! That’s not going to encourage the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers. It’s like a 1000 for one deal at WALMART, extremists are gonna be queuing up  like Apple fans at an iPad 3 launch.

No shit the Western world seems to be running some sort of twisted terrorist catch and release program. Organizations like MI6 and Mossad are working their arses off to catch these guys, and Special Ops guys, like the SAS team that captured the two Brits, are putting their lives on the line – and all for what? So some limp wristed politician – scared of lawyers and more concerned about the democratic popularity contest than actually leading a nation – can throw it all away and release the bastards.

I’ve got news for you guys! This isn’t not going to look good when shopping centres start exploding and the body bags start piling up. Oh and don’t think that the hard working CT guys aren’t going to turn around and link this back to your flaccid decisions. But that won’t matter will it! Innocent lives will be lost but rest assured these fat cat decision makers won’t be held accountable – nope it will be another intelligence failure.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the Brits want due legal process, that’s what separates us from the radical extremist rabble right? However the simple truth is they’re making the situation worse. I can guarantee that the next British terrorists the SAS catch overseas won’t be captured alive. Mossad and Shin Bet are hardly going to bag guys so politicians can release them. Kill/Capture will become KILL/capture with an extra emphasis on extra-judicial killing. I’ve seen this happen before, the judicial system fails and suddenly the operators get a little more liberal in the application of Rules Of Engagement. Can you fault them? No, they’re not going to put their lives on the line so weak gutted politicians can release scum bags at the drop of a hat.

The big question is what would PRIMAL do? For sure they’d clean up the mess – I mean their whole self-imposed mandate is to step in where governments fail. Fail to act, fail to care and fail in their responsibility to the weak and innocent. Without having to adhere to political legislation and international law, PRIMAL has no limits. So two British terrorists would be found face down in the dirt with 338 size holes in their heads. Maybe even a USB drive in a pocket with all the details of their intended terrorist campaign. 300 convicted terrorists might even be freed, but they’re probably going to be GPS chipped and wearing I love the CIA T-shirts. Hell if you’re going to release them, you may as well use the opportunity to track the entire organisation and sow some doubts amongst the ranks.

If you want to follow the PRIMAL team and understand their motives and capabilities, check out my recently released novel, PRIMAL Unleashed.

OK, enough ranting, til next time,




Oct 162011

If there is one guy in the world that I wish I could bludgeon to death with a pick handle it’s Joseph Kony. Now I’m not normally a violent guy, in fact I pride myself in being level headed and calculating, but this bastard makes my blood boil. Head of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), he is single handedly responsible for the rape, murder, disfigurement and enslavement of thousands of innocent Central African women, children and men.

You can imagine my joy when the US recently announced they were dispatching 100 combat troops to help target Kony. Wired magazine cracked out a cool little write-up here. They hit all the key issues including the two failed attempts on Kony in the past.

US and UN backed attempts have not had any success in targeting the elusive head of the Lord’s Resistance Army. An attack in 2006 by a squad of Guatemalan operatives – trained and armed by the US – resulted in utter failure. All eight soldiers were killed and their commander beheaded. Another attempt in 2009 by UN supported African SOF also resulted in dismal failure. The LRA was pre-warned and simply melted into the jungle killing hundreds of locals as they did so.

As I dug further into Kony’s background I started to question Obama’s commitment to K/C (Kill or Capture) this guy. I mean why would you announce it to the world? Why wouldn’t you gear up AFRICOM and announce your success when you banged in on his grass hut and delivered him to the UN.

Kony is by no means an easy target. Intelligence assets have been useless in trying to locate him. He’s sneakier than a Balinese monkey on a banana stealing bender. Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) have so far failed to track him down. Surrounded by his loyal followers, who believe he is God, he’s almost impossible to find. Even the media has had only limited access to him; check out this rare interview shot in 2006.

I think the US announcement is just another smoke and mirrors campaign designed to appease the UN and domestic voters. If Obama was serious about bringing Kony to justice then why warn him? Why not develop intelligence sources quietly, build pattern of life and then send in the Delta boys to bag and tag him. If you can fly into the heart of Pakistan to grab the world’s most elusive target then this should be a piece of cake.

If Obama is serious, maybe he should consider using a Private Military Contractor (PMC). They did a pretty good job in Sierra Leone. Perhaps a team of South African mercs could do it partnered with Ugandan Special Forces. Or maybe PRIMAL could use their more subtle techniques to bring the bastard to justice. Either way the world would be a better place without Joseph Kony, a man who may or may not be number one on the PRIMAL target list.

For a better understanding of how PRIMAL operates check out my latest novel PRIMAL Unleashed on Amazon.