Oct 082011

Anwar al-Awlaki

The drone strike against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Operations Chief al-Awlaki on 30 September stirred up some serious controversy in both the media and social networks! For the tree-huggers out there, targeted killings by the CIA are contentious at the best of times, although not that many people had a problem when they slotted Bin Laden.  However, on this occasion they wacked someone born in the good old  US of A! Now, I’m not sure if Awlaki technically still held US citizenship but for me that’s neither here nor there.

This guy had publicly declared war on the US. At a time of war he has committed treason – read my post here on why the GWOT has to be a war.  More to the point he has played a key role in orchestrating a number of terrorist attacks. Most recently he played a part in the mailing of bombs to synagogues in New York and the underwear bomb on the NorthWest airlines flight to Detroit. He’s also been linked to the famed anus bombing of 2009. In addition to planning attacks Awlaki also published Inspire magazine, a publication designed to encourage terrorism worldwide. Publishing a magazine sounds innocent enough, that is until you read it. Within its pages it provides instructions on how to build bombs and aims to inspire extremists to plan attacks. This bastard was linked to attempted attacks that include the foiled attack against Fort Hood by US Army Private Abdo. Even if al-Awlaki was in fact a US citizen, if you ask me he gave up his rights as a citizen as soon as he declared war against the America people. As I’ve said before, “If you wear the hat, you wear the Hellfire!”


Predator firing Hellfire

STRATFOR does a good summary of the situation here. You can read al-Awlaki’s ‘Inspire’ magazine here.

A justified killing? I’ve given my opinion, what’s yours?