Dec 262011

Nuclear Power of Nuclear Weapons?

For those who have been watching this in the media this might not be anything new. Those of you who aren’t then you’re missing out – shit’s going down like a Ludlum novel in the fiefdom of Persia.

Everyone knows that Iran is pursuing nukes. This isn’t news. What is news is the effort that external influences (read US and Israel) are going to, to fuck with Iran’s scientific hobby. Assassinations, bombings, sabotage, cyber-attack and stealth reconnaissance are all hitting the headlines at rate rapid. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I am talking about.

Jun 2009 Stuxnet virus infects Iranian enrichment equipment damaging machinery.

Jan 2010 an Iranian scientist killed in a bombing.

Nov 2010 Iranian Nuclear scientists killed in a bombing.

Jul 2011 an Iranian Nuclear scientist is assassinated outside of his home.

Nov 2011 a blast destroys an Iranian missile facility near Tehran.

Dec 2011 a US RQ 170 stealth drone crashes inside Iran.

Mossad sponsored bombing?

As you can see there is some serious covert action going on. The big question is who is responsible? These guys reckon that it’s most likely US or Israel backed up by some sort of local support network. I tend to agree, although I think it’s more likely that Mossad have the helm on this one. Local support is a must have for these types of operations. My guess is Mossad has a proxy force of Iranian dissidents at their disposal and they’re using them to slow the move to nuke weapons as much as possible.

The key for Israel is keeping their ops deniable. The last thing they want is to launch another air strike like Operation Opera. A preemptive strike against an Iranian facility is likely to provoke a brutal response from Iran and potentially tip the Middle East into all out war.

On the other hand they need to avoid terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons. Iran, in particular Quds force, have a long history of supporting terrorism and conducting covert actions. Their operatives are heavily involved in de-stabilising Iraq and they also provide support to Hezbollah. Recently they also planned an audacious assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador to the US, in Washington DC. Another story for another time, but needless to say they also planned to hit the Israelis. It would be safe to say that Quds force would lead the charge in retaliation attacks against an Israeli air strike.

It all reads like a good political thriller, in fact a lot of it resonates with the themes in PRIMAL Unleashed. Needless to say I’m watching it closely and am pretty damn interested in how this one pans out.

Oct 162011

If there is one guy in the world that I wish I could bludgeon to death with a pick handle it’s Joseph Kony. Now I’m not normally a violent guy, in fact I pride myself in being level headed and calculating, but this bastard makes my blood boil. Head of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), he is single handedly responsible for the rape, murder, disfigurement and enslavement of thousands of innocent Central African women, children and men.

You can imagine my joy when the US recently announced they were dispatching 100 combat troops to help target Kony. Wired magazine cracked out a cool little write-up here. They hit all the key issues including the two failed attempts on Kony in the past.

US and UN backed attempts have not had any success in targeting the elusive head of the Lord’s Resistance Army. An attack in 2006 by a squad of Guatemalan operatives – trained and armed by the US – resulted in utter failure. All eight soldiers were killed and their commander beheaded. Another attempt in 2009 by UN supported African SOF also resulted in dismal failure. The LRA was pre-warned and simply melted into the jungle killing hundreds of locals as they did so.

As I dug further into Kony’s background I started to question Obama’s commitment to K/C (Kill or Capture) this guy. I mean why would you announce it to the world? Why wouldn’t you gear up AFRICOM and announce your success when you banged in on his grass hut and delivered him to the UN.

Kony is by no means an easy target. Intelligence assets have been useless in trying to locate him. He’s sneakier than a Balinese monkey on a banana stealing bender. Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) have so far failed to track him down. Surrounded by his loyal followers, who believe he is God, he’s almost impossible to find. Even the media has had only limited access to him; check out this rare interview shot in 2006.

I think the US announcement is just another smoke and mirrors campaign designed to appease the UN and domestic voters. If Obama was serious about bringing Kony to justice then why warn him? Why not develop intelligence sources quietly, build pattern of life and then send in the Delta boys to bag and tag him. If you can fly into the heart of Pakistan to grab the world’s most elusive target then this should be a piece of cake.

If Obama is serious, maybe he should consider using a Private Military Contractor (PMC). They did a pretty good job in Sierra Leone. Perhaps a team of South African mercs could do it partnered with Ugandan Special Forces. Or maybe PRIMAL could use their more subtle techniques to bring the bastard to justice. Either way the world would be a better place without Joseph Kony, a man who may or may not be number one on the PRIMAL target list.

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Aug 302011

The News Observer recently interviewed former-CIA Director Michael Hayden about the hunt for Bin Laden. If you are interested in CIA covert action, HUMINT, NSA and Al Qaeda, it would be well worth reading. Although retired, he continues to teach, lecture, and give interviews.

I was fortunate to chat with him a couple of years ago just after he retired as Director of the CIA. He was very frank with his experiences and opinions – a total professional who spoke his mind, a man I respect.

Some judge Hayden harshly for his views, one idea in particular.  He argues that ongoing global counter-terrorism operations still need to be classified as ‘war’. Why? Simple, so we can justify the nature of operations required to combat terrorists. Operations that include the targeted killing of terrorist leaders and high risk capture missions.

I for one think the man’s on the money. The threat from extremist elements is not decreasing, and some of the methods required to counter this threat are not easily justified outside of war.

Sounds ruthless? That’s because it is. I know this might sound harsh to some, but it is the cold reality of the world we live in. The threat groups out there are fighting a war without rules. They’re willing to murder women and children, and torture innocents. To bring justice to these men we need to wage war!

You can find the transcript of the interview here.

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