Dec 262011

Nuclear Power of Nuclear Weapons?

For those who have been watching this in the media this might not be anything new. Those of you who aren’t then you’re missing out – shit’s going down like a Ludlum novel in the fiefdom of Persia.

Everyone knows that Iran is pursuing nukes. This isn’t news. What is news is the effort that external influences (read US and Israel) are going to, to fuck with Iran’s scientific hobby. Assassinations, bombings, sabotage, cyber-attack and stealth reconnaissance are all hitting the headlines at rate rapid. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I am talking about.

Jun 2009 Stuxnet virus infects Iranian enrichment equipment damaging machinery.

Jan 2010 an Iranian scientist killed in a bombing.

Nov 2010 Iranian Nuclear scientists killed in a bombing.

Jul 2011 an Iranian Nuclear scientist is assassinated outside of his home.

Nov 2011 a blast destroys an Iranian missile facility near Tehran.

Dec 2011 a US RQ 170 stealth drone crashes inside Iran.

Mossad sponsored bombing?

As you can see there is some serious covert action going on. The big question is who is responsible? These guys reckon that it’s most likely US or Israel backed up by some sort of local support network. I tend to agree, although I think it’s more likely that Mossad have the helm on this one. Local support is a must have for these types of operations. My guess is Mossad has a proxy force of Iranian dissidents at their disposal and they’re using them to slow the move to nuke weapons as much as possible.

The key for Israel is keeping their ops deniable. The last thing they want is to launch another air strike like Operation Opera. A preemptive strike against an Iranian facility is likely to provoke a brutal response from Iran and potentially tip the Middle East into all out war.

On the other hand they need to avoid terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons. Iran, in particular Quds force, have a long history of supporting terrorism and conducting covert actions. Their operatives are heavily involved in de-stabilising Iraq and they also provide support to Hezbollah. Recently they also planned an audacious assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador to the US, in Washington DC. Another story for another time, but needless to say they also planned to hit the Israelis. It would be safe to say that Quds force would lead the charge in retaliation attacks against an Israeli air strike.

It all reads like a good political thriller, in fact a lot of it resonates with the themes in PRIMAL Unleashed. Needless to say I’m watching it closely and am pretty damn interested in how this one pans out.