Dec 262011

Nuclear Power of Nuclear Weapons?

For those who have been watching this in the media this might not be anything new. Those of you who aren’t then you’re missing out – shit’s going down like a Ludlum novel in the fiefdom of Persia.

Everyone knows that Iran is pursuing nukes. This isn’t news. What is news is the effort that external influences (read US and Israel) are going to, to fuck with Iran’s scientific hobby. Assassinations, bombings, sabotage, cyber-attack and stealth reconnaissance are all hitting the headlines at rate rapid. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I am talking about.

Jun 2009 Stuxnet virus infects Iranian enrichment equipment damaging machinery.

Jan 2010 an Iranian scientist killed in a bombing.

Nov 2010 Iranian Nuclear scientists killed in a bombing.

Jul 2011 an Iranian Nuclear scientist is assassinated outside of his home.

Nov 2011 a blast destroys an Iranian missile facility near Tehran.

Dec 2011 a US RQ 170 stealth drone crashes inside Iran.

Mossad sponsored bombing?

As you can see there is some serious covert action going on. The big question is who is responsible? These guys reckon that it’s most likely US or Israel backed up by some sort of local support network. I tend to agree, although I think it’s more likely that Mossad have the helm on this one. Local support is a must have for these types of operations. My guess is Mossad has a proxy force of Iranian dissidents at their disposal and they’re using them to slow the move to nuke weapons as much as possible.

The key for Israel is keeping their ops deniable. The last thing they want is to launch another air strike like Operation Opera. A preemptive strike against an Iranian facility is likely to provoke a brutal response from Iran and potentially tip the Middle East into all out war.

On the other hand they need to avoid terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons. Iran, in particular Quds force, have a long history of supporting terrorism and conducting covert actions. Their operatives are heavily involved in de-stabilising Iraq and they also provide support to Hezbollah. Recently they also planned an audacious assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador to the US, in Washington DC. Another story for another time, but needless to say they also planned to hit the Israelis. It would be safe to say that Quds force would lead the charge in retaliation attacks against an Israeli air strike.

It all reads like a good political thriller, in fact a lot of it resonates with the themes in PRIMAL Unleashed. Needless to say I’m watching it closely and am pretty damn interested in how this one pans out.

Oct 182011

Seriously what is the counter-terrorism world coming to? In the past few weeks I have seen two incidents of political f#cktardism that puts lives at risk.  Number one, two British citizens are caught red handed in Afghanistan planning to return to Britain and commit acts of terrorism. What does the British Government decide to do? Theresa May, the Home Secretary decides that the safest option is to set them free in Afghanistan because legally they can’t extradite them to London without handing them over to the Afghans, who will torture them. Number two, over in Israel, 1027 prisoners are exchanged for one Israeli soldier. 315 of those prisoners were serving life sentences for some of the most bloody acts of terrorism ever committed in Israel. WOW! That’s not going to encourage the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers. It’s like a 1000 for one deal at WALMART, extremists are gonna be queuing up  like Apple fans at an iPad 3 launch.

No shit the Western world seems to be running some sort of twisted terrorist catch and release program. Organizations like MI6 and Mossad are working their arses off to catch these guys, and Special Ops guys, like the SAS team that captured the two Brits, are putting their lives on the line – and all for what? So some limp wristed politician – scared of lawyers and more concerned about the democratic popularity contest than actually leading a nation – can throw it all away and release the bastards.

I’ve got news for you guys! This isn’t not going to look good when shopping centres start exploding and the body bags start piling up. Oh and don’t think that the hard working CT guys aren’t going to turn around and link this back to your flaccid decisions. But that won’t matter will it! Innocent lives will be lost but rest assured these fat cat decision makers won’t be held accountable – nope it will be another intelligence failure.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the Brits want due legal process, that’s what separates us from the radical extremist rabble right? However the simple truth is they’re making the situation worse. I can guarantee that the next British terrorists the SAS catch overseas won’t be captured alive. Mossad and Shin Bet are hardly going to bag guys so politicians can release them. Kill/Capture will become KILL/capture with an extra emphasis on extra-judicial killing. I’ve seen this happen before, the judicial system fails and suddenly the operators get a little more liberal in the application of Rules Of Engagement. Can you fault them? No, they’re not going to put their lives on the line so weak gutted politicians can release scum bags at the drop of a hat.

The big question is what would PRIMAL do? For sure they’d clean up the mess – I mean their whole self-imposed mandate is to step in where governments fail. Fail to act, fail to care and fail in their responsibility to the weak and innocent. Without having to adhere to political legislation and international law, PRIMAL has no limits. So two British terrorists would be found face down in the dirt with 338 size holes in their heads. Maybe even a USB drive in a pocket with all the details of their intended terrorist campaign. 300 convicted terrorists might even be freed, but they’re probably going to be GPS chipped and wearing I love the CIA T-shirts. Hell if you’re going to release them, you may as well use the opportunity to track the entire organisation and sow some doubts amongst the ranks.

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Oct 162011

Let’s face it the world’s a pretty f#$ked up place at the moment. We’ve got extremist elements trying to kill and rape their way into power, corrupt bankers sending the little man bust and criminals getting away with murder, people smuggling, drug trafficking and more. It’s a world crying out for someone with the balls to hold evil bastards to account. Enter PRIMAL!

For those of you who have been following world events, we live in pretty interesting times. Gaddafi’s armories have been looted by the same extremists who were fighting Coalition forces in Iraq only a few years ago. MANPADS (man portable air defense systems) are the big ticket item for these guys. How long before one of these ‘rebels’ takes a shot at an airliner with an Igla-S missile?

Across the other side of the Middle East, in Iran, equally radical Muslims of the Shia variety are conducting a systematic campaign to develop nuclear weapons. The efforts of Israel and the US read like something out of an espionage thriller: cyberwarfare using secret agents to install the STUXNET virus, assassins bombing Iranian scientists, and the US Air Force pouring money into researching deep-penetrating munitions that can neutralize Iranian bunkers. However if the international community’s utter failure to prevent a country that harbors arguably the highest number of Islamic Extremists per capita from getting the A-Bomb is anything to go by (Pakistan), Iran’s acquisition of this technology is inevitable.

This is the world PRIMAL steps into with the release of my new novel PRIMAL Unleashed. Unleashed picks up from PRIMAL Origin, and follows Vance and the team as they establish PRIMAL. New agents are recruited and pitted against Ukrainian gangsters, Taliban warlords and Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders.

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Aug 182011

New Zealand is without a doubt the Adventure Sports capital of the world. Pristine rivers with pumping rapids, imposing mountains, black diamond ski runs and ancient glaciers. It attracts adrenalin junkies from all over the world, oh and a few Lord of the Rings fanatics as well. Including, it would seem, the adventure sport loving one-ring chasing covert elements of the Mossad.

Sounds sinister? Not at first, I mean it sounds pretty cool, Mossad agents heading down to the land of the long white cloud to carve up some slopes and get a bit of experience in alpine ops.  The truth is just a little more sinister.

It would seem that Mossad agents have a bit of a history getting busted in NZ doing a little more than hitting Queenstown bars and chasing snow bunnies. A quick search on Google reveals that in 2004 two Israeli ‘Agents’ were deported for spying. What exactly they were spying on is harder to identify, let’s face it NZ hardly contains any threats to Israel. Millions of sheep and a bunch of adventure sport junkies are probably not as high on their list as Iran’s nuclear program.

Where it really gets interesting is in the latest round of reports tying Israeli tourists, killed in the February quakes in Christchurch, to the Mossad. Reporters claim that one of the men was found with five passports in his possession and that other teams were trying to gain access to the quake site to steal information from national databases.

So what would this all be in aid of? What would Mossad operatives want with a New Zealand identity?

Access! When was the last time a New Zealander was denied a visa to a Middle Eastern country? Never. Kiwis, as they are fondly called the world over, are welcome in every country. Vivacious travelers, you can find New Zealand tourists in any bar, hotel or venue the world over. Often held in contempt for being drunk and a little insane, but never under suspicion of espionage. These are the attributes that a Mossad operative could only dream of concocting. Attributes that come ready packaged in that little black Kiwi passport.

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